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3 Hacks to Keep Your Mind Focused

How distracted are you?

One of the most important things in the coming years will be the ability to stay focused, because our world is becoming more and more distracted.

Here are 3 hacks you can start right now to become more focused:

#1 – Get Lots of Rest

Do you find you have more trouble staying focused when you’re tired? This is true for everyone! We believe that the first step to any lasting change is to make sure you get tons of sleep. If you’re mind is well rested, you will be better able to focus on your next day’s tasks.

Your family, friends and employers will all be pleased that you’re able to concentrate on the time you spend with them.

#2 – Social Media Detox

Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling on Facebook and Instagram, trying to find the bottom of your feed?

Maybe it’s time for a little break?

Remove the social media apps on your phone for a week and see what happens.

PRO TIP: If you need to use Facebook as part of your job? Create a new profile that you only use for job-related tasks.

#3 – Daily meditation

There is now a ton of research that shows how effective and beneficial a daily meditation practice is.

However, for many it’s difficult to get started.

To succeed, start easy and build on your success.

Here is an example of what you can do to build a meditation habit:

Week 1: 3 minutes of deep breathing
Week 2: 5 minutes of deep breathing
Week 3: Start a simple meditation practice such as Headspace or 6 Phase Meditation by Mindvalley

What’s distracting you the most? What’s the ONE thing you will do today to become more focused? Comment below!

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