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3 People that WILDFIT Clicked For

WILDFIT Success Story

When it Just Clicks – Jeanne Henderson

My WildFit Story is like so many, I searched for ways to improve my own health, not just for me, but also for my family. When I became aware of the WildFit 90 Day Challenge, I was skeptical that it was just another diet. I’ve tried so many ‘health programs’.

After listening to Eric Edmeades talk about the human diet, something clicked for me. I signed up for the 90 day challenge and was amazed each week how easy it was for me to stick with the program. It’s truly designed for a successful outcome.

I was more impressed with the 42 inches I lost than the 15 plus pounds I released. Now that the 90 days are done, I feel empowered to go forward and LIVE WildFit! I can move forward without any extra investments of supplements. That’s it, I did it!! 

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A Puzzle Solved – Robyn Yost

“I have been a mental health professional and am over 50 years of age.  I bought into “you gain weight as you get older and hormones change.”  I could NOT find a healthy way to release weight. 

I tried many things and nothing FIT, nothing made SENSE, and nothing WORKED!  I started learning about the Broken Brain and how nutrition and gut health affects mental health and was intrigued!  Then WildFit serendipitously fell into my lap!  It fits!  It makes sense!  It works!  And the behavioral component is the KEY, in my opinion!  It is smart, deliberate, educational, logical and SO powerful with the psychological components!  I knew I would learn from it and would probably see some weight loss, but had NO idea or any expectation of the benefits: more energy, healthier skin, stable moods and SO much more (besides weight loss). 

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Piece of Cake Kimberley – Tom Huddleston

“My husband Tom and I did WildFit together. I am amazed that we are both still fully committed to this lifestyle. It has been hard at points, but compared to all the other diets we have gone through, this is a piece of cake. We continue to have conversations with ourselves about foods that are not really foods as we work with food every day. We own a restaurant that specializes in home-baked foods ie. bread, desserts and the best burgers around. We have struggled with food our whole lives because we both grew up in the restaurant business.

With the whole Covid 19, I am not sure what the universe has in store for us but I am hoping that it will change the way we do business. The WildFit program really educated us about the foods we were eating and helped us see and feel how undernourished we were. Thank you for giving us a direction that is manageable. We will continue to live WildFit and share it with all that are interested. Thanks again.”

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