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3 People who Created New Healthy Habits with WILDFIT


Creating new healthy habits is definitely a challenge; however, in the long run, it is worth the effort. See how three unique individuals created healthy habits and saw noticeable improvement in their health and fitness, during and after their WILDFIT experiences.

True Food Freedom -Veroique De Leon

Veronique experience a major improvement in her quality of life throughout her WILDFIT journey. She feels confident in her own body and has more energy throughout the day.

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Couch Potato no More -Debbie Mathieson

Debbie was able to change her lifestyle around and now cooks healthy meals daily, always starting with an alkagizer in the morning.

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Healthy Habits – Alex Acra

Alex was able to change his overall relationship with food and continues to live WILDFIT in order to work towards his health and fitness goals.

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