3 People Who Got More Then They Asked For With WILDFIT


Not Some Diet Plan – Prassana Karthikeyan

“WildFit is not some diet plan. It’s a fool proof way to an everlasting lifestyle change. The challenge was easy to follow and it was fun to interact with the WildFit tribe. I feel young, active and more energetic than ever. Thank you WildFit, my relationship with food has changed completely. ”

For the complete story check out https://getwildfit.com/not-some-diet-plan-a-wildfit-success-story-with-prasanna-karthikeyan/

More Than Expected – Verena Trautman

I always thought of myself as a healthy person, but in the past 3 years my body started telling me different. Pain in my joints, bloating and menopause started taking it’s toll.

I wanted to start the WildFit program in January 2018 but couldn’t find the motivation. Finally in June 2019, I made the decision to do an internal and external clean up! I started August 5th 2019 without knowing what to expect. Could I maintain the routine?

After 3 months I can say that the results were more than fantastic. I lost 4 kg, burned 2 kg of fat, feel more energized (or alkagized), have NO pain in my joints and have better skin.

For the full article check out https://getwildfit.com/more-than-expected-a-wildfit-success-story-with-verena-trautmann/

The Absolute Best Feeling in the World – Catherine Malli-Dawson

Catherine Malli Dawson completely transformed her life with the WildFit 90 Day Challenge, she lost 45 pounds in 90 days and has never looked back again.

Not only can she smell and taste again but she is loving her new body. She is comfortable going down the cookie aisle without temptation.

For the full article check out https://getwildfit.com/a-wildfit-success-story-with-catherine-malli-dawson/

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