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3 Strategies to Streamline Your 2019

We try to make our next year better than the last. Looking back, we see all the decisions we perceive as mistakes or ‘bad’ choices and decide that this year we will do things differently. However, unless we have gone through a vast mind/body/spirit transformation in the past year, we are still fundamentally the same people. We are therefore quite unequipped to do things differently. This is why most people start strong willed but by March are bogged down. By June they are see old patterns repeating, and by October they wonder if they are just reliving the year before.


How is it possible to have seen your less favourable choices in hindsight, and still be unable to make different ones? I’m going to suggest to you that it is because you need to first see your life and choices differently before you can live them differently. I want to share 3 strategies with you to streamline your year, so you can set yourself up to live out your goals better than ever before.


1) Set your life up to spend as much time as possible doing what you want to be doing.


When planning for 2019 it really is just that simple. When Eric is deciding how he is going to spend his time, the first question he asks is “Is it going to be fun?” and the second is “will it have an impact?” Making his decisions based on these two fundamental things, he is clear on how he will spend his time and ensures it is enjoyable. Be clear on your own fundamentals and allow them to influence you when making choices and setting goals. In doing this you are sure to be moving in the direction of enjoying more of your time.


If you want to be attractive to people and opportunities, simply enjoy what you do. Eric says there is nothing more attractive than the energy of a person who is enjoying what they are doing. The more you’re smiling, the more stuff comes to you. So, when thinking about the year ahead, rather than thinking of all the things you should do, first prioritize all the things you want to do.


2) Actively change your belief system to make the things that are impossible to you, possible.


If you’ve seen Eric’s speech from A-Fest in Mexico, you know that by the end you’re ready to jump out of your chair and tackle the world! In essence what he said was- before you even start to make a strategy, you need to believe that what you are doing is possible for you. If you want to get from point A to point B, the first step is to figure out where A is. The next step is to figure out how to get to step B, and that B is belief.


When you believe in something it becomes possible and the way you see the world changes. Even if it is challenging at times, even when you are frustrated or tempted to lose focus, you still have your belief, and that will continue to guide you. Your big goals of 2019 may be related to personal growth, recovering your health, letting go of old baggage or anything in between. First you must clearly see where you truly are. Then, find a way to believe it is possible to change what you currently have. From there, you will see you are capable of achieving what you want. Once it seems possible, your brain will start looking for evidence it is probable and ways to actualize it.


3) Remember the power on the other side of a Promise- and use it to your best advantage.


Self discipline is often thought synonymous with restriction, sacrifice, harsh rules and punishment placed upon one’s self. Rather, it is the expression of inner strength and staying power, vital for dealing with daily life and achieving goals. Eric refers to two of our main inner voices as the petulant teenager and the Sage. The petulant teenager is the sulky voice that is always game for instant gratification and whines if denied the pleasure gained from a doughnut or glass of wine. The Sage speaks of overcoming distractions in favor of greater gain and more satisfying results, usually that require time and effort.


Rather than making resolutions, make yourself promises. A resolution is just the mindset that you’re going to do it. Resolutions leave room for decision making when you come up against a challenge or difficult choice- and this gives the petulant teenager a chance to talk you out of your greater gain. A promise is a declaration to do something, ensuring that it will be done, no matter the distraction. If you make yourself a promise, then do it with the wisdom of the Sage.


Make only a few promises, but have them be very meaningful, keeping you on a path to what you really want in the long term. Then, if you come into a situation where you may feel compromised, you have the strength and wisdom of the promise you made to yourself behind you. This promise is non negotiable, so you do not even need to consider a temptation- the decision has been made. The more you practice, the more staying power you create.


Eric likes to take the nitty gritty complicated stuff and make it simple. I think we should too. Decide what it is that you most want and is fundamentally important to you. Make this decision based on the belief that you are capable of more greatness than you currently know- and that you can someday actualize that greatness. Understand that this greatness can be actualized if you are willing to make and keep promises to yourself that hold you to your highest level of achievement. If you are capable of implementing these strategies with clear focus in 2019, you will be on your way to a streamlined and successful year.


Love this idea, but not sure yet how you can maintain the clear focus part? This month we are dedicated to talking about how to make everything in life more efficient, so stay tuned to our blog for more great hacks, tips and info just for you.

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