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3 WildFit Approved Soft Desserts


Did we say soft desserts? This is the place to find our top three! Whether you are new to WildFit or a seasoned veteran, we all know that sugar is an incredibly addictive chemical to the human brain. Our team has seen that many people who start the WildFit lifestyle have a hard time finding desserts that are compatible with their lifestyle, especially creamy and flavor rich desserts! Have no fear, because if you are looking for delicious desserts that are WildFit friendly, you are in the right place! Enjoy our top three grain-free, dairy-free and gluten-free soft desserts!

Cacao Pudding

This luscious, creamy dessert also works wonders in rejuvenating the body, creating longevity, supporting your libido and boosting stamina.  This chocolate delight includes the power of roots and mushrooms foraged for millennia for these exact purposes- and now you can do the same quickly and easily in your own kitchen! Whip this up fresh and enjoy decadence that will support instead of deplete you and your health.

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Coconut Banana Ice Cream

When transitioning to a WildFit way of life, it can be difficult to know how to incorporate desserts. If your Sugar Monster raged on a couple occasions, the best thing to do is leave refined sugar behind entirely. This doesn’t mean the end of dessert though! Take for example this rich, creamy ice cream that comes together in less than a minute. The reason this seemingly magical feat works is because of the bananas and coconut cream.

Check out the full recipe here

Maple Meringue

Rich, decadent yet light and airy- sweet with a bit of tang, and zero refined sugar. Sounds like the ideal dessert! In case you want an idea for a special treat to share with your sweetie, or just want a nice any season dessert to share with friends- this might just be a new favorite.

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