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3 WILDFIT Smoothie Recipes


These 3 delicious smoothie recipes are great for any time of day because they are refreshing and nourishing. They are very quick to make and will leave you feeling full and ready to take on the day. Enjoy!

Cherry Recovery Smoothie

For the full recipe, visit: 

Looking to fuel up after an exercise session? This cherry recovery smoothie recipe provides everything you need to help you recover after a workout, plus it tastes pretty darn delicious. Make this a part of your post-exercise routine! 

Golden Milk Smoothie

For the full recipe, visit:

Don’t worry, there’s absolutely no dairy in this smoothie. What’s included is: plenty of spice and everything nice, coconut milk that makes it creamy as can be and tasty toppings that brings texture. Say hi to your next favorite smoothie recipe!

Caribbean Burst Smoothie

For the full recipe, visit here: 

We live our life drinking Alkagizer, but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up, am I right? Try this delicious fruit smoothie! It will have you dreaming about a Caribbean vacation.

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