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3 WILDFIT Vegetable Based Soups


There is something amazing about enjoying a warm bowl of soup, especially when you made it yourself! In this post, we wanted to let the WILDFIT community in on these delicious, nutritious, and easy to make soups. Each one of these three vegetable based soups brings something exciting and new to the dinner table. Even though soup may not be your go to, we encourage anyone to give each of these tasty, vegetable based, soups a shot. You and your tastebuds certainly won’t be disappointed!

Cream of Celery Soup

Looking for the perfect Spring soup recipe? Look no further! Try this vividly green and flavorful recipe. This appetizing meal will leave your hunger satisfied and your reflection smiling!

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Stuffed Pepper Soup

Who’s craving comfort food? This recipe will leave you feeling full and smiling.

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Mushroom Soup

Everyone needs a staple mushroom soup recipe. If you think you have one, spice things up and give this recipe a try; and, if you don’t already have one, what are you waiting for? Make this recipe your go to!

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