4 WILDFIT Desserts with Chocolate


Have an itch for chocolate? Scratch it with these four WILDFIT desserts with chocolate, each as yummy and good as the next! A post about chocolaty desserts? This isn’t something that you would expect to see… but we know its what you want to read. Each of these four chocolate orientated recipes will hit the spot in its own way. We want to encourage you to try each of these recipes at home (not all at once!), and see which is your favorite! Let us know if your new go to dessert is one of these four WILDFIT desserts with chocolate!

Chocolate Crackers

Do you ever get a craving for something crunchy and slightly sweet? Like graham crackers or a biscuit? You wish there was a grain free WILDFIT version you could enjoy… and now there is! For the full recipe check out https://getwildfit.com/chocolate-crackers/

Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes

A fun Halloween recipe that can be adapted for any fun decoration with orange, red or yellow icing.  Often these icings have chemicals added for coloring, so this provides a natural alternative. These cupcakes are grain free and refined sugar free- making them an overall healthy recipe. For the full recipe check out https://getwildfit.com/chocolate-spiderweb-cupcakes/

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Some people would think you shouldn’t have chocolate cake if you’re trying to eat health. We say otherwise! Try this flourless dessert, we promise it will satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus it won’t weigh you down. For the full recipe check out https://getwildfit.com/flourless-chocolate-cake/

Chocolate Truffles

Who said chocolate and WildFit don’t go together? We think they make the perfect couple: healthy, happy, and responsible living with sweet, drool-worthy, and a memorable dessert! Although healthy, these little treats will make you drool and wish you made more! For the full recipe check out https://getwildfit.com/chocolate-truffles/

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