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5 Reasons You Should Start WildFit Over the Holidays

Who wants to start a new health program 2 weeks before Christmas? You do, and I’m here to tell you why:

1. You can stick to the program and still enjoy all your old favourite holiday treats

When we start a “new diet” we often clean out our cupboards and fridge, swear we will reform and that we will start the very next day! We often make assumptions about what that new diet will entail, similar to every other diet we have tried. So naturally, no one wants to start a new diet right before the holidays! That means feeling deprived and having to use tons of willpower all through Christmas, New Years Eve and everywhere in between! Or does it?

WildFit 90 is a transformative health program that teaches you how to permanently change how you think about food, and what you eat. It is the methodology that makes it so powerful. We begin at the beginning: shifting your food mindset and eating behaviors. In the first 2 weeks we build your foundation. Instead of focusing on not eating those Christmas cookies or having a huge helping of sweet potato casserole, you will be teaching yourself why you crave certain foods and hate others. If you’re an emotional eater, you’ll get huge insights here, and experimenting with these foods is part of the process.

2. You will learn why you can’t seem to avoid your favorite treats, then feel badly when you cave

Most people feel powerless over food, and find it takes a ton of willpower to avoid them. Ultimately, they usually trick themselves into eating the food they were craving anyway. Decades of food marketing have taught us to view food as the go-to solution in every life situation. Whether you are happily celebrating, avoiding sadness, or giving yourself a little something because you ‘deserve it’- the holidays seem to have a food for everything!  This way of thinking puts humans inside a food prison; it gives food the power to define and control our emotional and physical lives. The worst part is that, almost all food marketing messages point toward highly processed foods that are making people sick, overweight and nutritionally deprived. So- it is not your fault that you have this behaviour! However, it is your responsibility to learn new, healthier behaviours if possible. WildFit teaches you how to pay attention to your food dialogue, and reevaluate all the rules and beliefs you have about food so that you can unlearn this past programming and start fresh.

3. You will learn tools to cope with holiday induced and daily stress

During the Challenge we talk about things like being resistant to change and our stress symptoms. We learn the depth at which stress affects the success or failure of health goals, and how to notice it is happening. Once you know how deeply stress affects your ability to lose weight, you will want to stop anxious worrying right away! Stress is usually manageable most times of year, but sometimes- like during the holidays- it seems to spike and we can’t get rid of it. During the Challenge you will learn simple things you can do to immediately release stress and keep chronic stress levels low moving forward.  

4. You will learn the difference between feeling deprived and feeling empowered

Usually if we are on a diet, we immediately feel like we are missing out on “the good stuff”. This sense of deprivation makes us resent the food we are eating, feel restricted and punished. This is why we usually end up rebelling almost immediately. WildFit 90 will teach you how to train your brain to stop wanting foods that aren’t good for you and to start wanting foods that truly nourish and energize you. Sounds impossible right? Just have a look at some of our testimonies. If you join the Challenge on December 17th, next year you could be looking forward to holiday meals instead of fearing you will overeat or cheat your diet. You could happily look at a tray of sweets, smile to yourself and say “not this time.” Just imagine what that would feel like! The secret is learning how to fulfill your 6 Human Hungers and listening to your food dialogue, then putting it into practice with your coach. It is just that simple!

5. You will have a 2 week head start on your New Year’s Resolution to finally get healthy

By the time January 1st rolls around we are usually 5 pounds heavier, getting a cold, and hungover to boot. Resolutions motivation comes from a place of “I should” rather than “I truly want to’” and this is why about 88% of resolutions are left unfulfilled. Rather than rejoining the gym like every other person- you could try something that has been proven to work 90% of the time. You could already be 2 weeks in and fully motivated to keep going, fully invested in your big WHY for signing up. Eric asks a question at the beginning of week 3 of the 90 day Challenge- and that is “Even if you quit right now, how many of you have absolutely changed your way of eating FOREVER?” And every single hand shoots up. By New Years day you could have fundamentally shifted your behaviour around and feelings about food. How incredible would that be?

You have no reason to wait to change your health until after all your holiday feasting, stress, and guilt are over. Make an investment in your health this Season, renewed vitality and youthful appearance is probably the best gift you’ll ever get!

To join the December 17th WildFit 90 Day Challenge, click here.

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