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7 Chicken Based WILDFIT Recipes

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Each one of these seven chicken based recipes have had us wishing that our plates were bigger! In fact, the recipes in this blog post will have your senses leading you to a new part of the world even though you never have to leave the comfort of your own dinner table. Indeed, here at WILDFIT we are having a hard time figuring out which dish is best, even if Eric has made his favourite clear. Leave a comment and let us know what your choice is!

Chicken Curry

For the full recipe visit:

As the weather cools down, it is so nice to have a hot, spicy dinner to warm us up! This comforting dish is full of vegetables, healthy protein, and tastes rich and luxurious. Plus it is quick and easy to prepare. You can also easily make it vegan by using mushrooms or eggplant in place of chicken. Try it tonight!

Chicken & Blended Brassica Stir Fry

For the full recipe visit:

This Chinese food inspired stir fry is sugar, dairy, gluten and preservative free- and very satisfying. It includes several brassica vegetables, which help to gently detox the body and cleanse the liver. Additionally, this also happens to be one of WildFit founder Eric’s favorite homemade fast and easy meals- so it must be good!

Chicken Dinner

For the full recipe visit:

A dinner for 4 ready with only 15 minutes of prep work? Yes it is possible! Additionally, slow cooker chicken dinner has a sophisticated taste that pleases kids and adults alike- and it is WildFit Spring approved. Simple, inexpensive and efficient on time? That is our kind of dinner.

Creamy Sundried Tomato & Artichoke Chicken

This one pot dish gets dinner on the table in 20 minutes, and only uses a handful of ingredients and very little chopping to do it.  Delicious and filling on it’s own or served over your favorite veggies, this is sure to make it into the food plan rotation. You can even modify it for a vegan option by subbing out the chicken for mushrooms and making the broth vegetable. 

Chicken Avocado Soup

For the full recipe visit:

This soup has all your major food groups: fats, protein and carbs. Could you ask for more? Try it for lunch or dinner!

Chicken & Chive Spring Salad With Asparagus

For the full recipe visit:

This is a tangy and slightly sweet spring salad with a generous amount of crunchy ingredients. Enjoy as a light dinner, or meal prepped lunches for the week.  Full of an array of herbal flavors, savory chicken, and a creamy dressing, this is definitely a palate pleaser.

BBQ Chicken Casserole

For the full recipe visit:

We associate them with a cozy, family feeling on cold, rainy evenings. We salivate seeing them warm and bubbling out of the oven, and we simply love the convenience.

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