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A Healthy Future – A WILDFIT Success Story with Debbie Talvio

WILDFIT Success Story

What’s more important than a healthy future?

This shouldn’t be a trick question!

As humans we have one body, one life, and there’s nothing more important than nourishing and taking care of it. As we age, we see how our body changes and how fragile it can truly be. There’s no stopping the aging process, but there are ways to create longevity as we grow older.

It all starts with a healthy diet! Giving your body the nutrients it needs to create this healthy foundation, so you can live the lifestyle you want.

Debbie was nearing retirement and wanted to set herself up so she could continue to do all the activities she loved to do. She knew she had to create this healthy lifestyle to maintain her longevity and it is the very reason she decided to try WILDFIT.

Here’s her experience:

With retirement on my horizon, I chose to take part in this program because I wanted to start this next chapter in my life with optimal health. At the age of fifty-six, I had never been on a “diet” because they tend to only last short term. I wanted a lifestyle change- this program offered that. My goal was to be able to continue the activities I love throughout my retirement. My hope was to be healthy enough to continue to take part in hobbies such as backpacking, hiking, biking, skiing, travelling and more.

Throughout the program, I became grateful for the WILDFIT team and their knowledge, encouragement, and support towards me and the other members of the WildFit community. The program was well thought out and easy to follow.

I have noticed the following improvements in my body since starting the program:

My mood is stabilized and more happy overall

I am sleeping soundly and have energy all day, with no afternoon dips

– My mental clarity and recall has increased and I am overall more calm

– My skin has a more youthful appearance

I have lost ten pounds and ten inches cumulatively

Food tastes better and I have a more positive mindset

I look forward to my healthy future!

Debbie Talvio

There’s many different reason “why” people decide to start WildFit, but the goal is always the same, to create a healthier body. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, improve mental clarity, clear up your skin, it doesn’t really matter because it’s possible that WildFit could work for you.

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