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A Diet Program That Actually Works – A WILDFIT Success Story with Cherie Clark


Many people spend years trying to figure out what kind of diet works for them. Diets are not always the answer, a lifestyle improvement is what can help you live a healthier life.

WILDFIT is not like any other program because it is not just a temporary change. It actually teaches you how to stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle.

Read about Cherie Clark’s experience with WILDFIT.

The before picture is from before I started GWF in February 2015. I’m sure I have even “fatter” ones, from when I tried every program on the planet. After is October 9, 2017. I struggled with weight loss for years, started packing on the pounds after my mid-40’s. I continued to eat as I had been, “balanced” diet, regular exercise, Jazzercise 3-4X a week, jogging 2-3X a week with staff and inmates in Shock Incarceration. Menopause hit me hard and weight gain increased slowly but steadily. Read all about all of the plans and tried them all. Tried all the packaged diets, gained more, thought it was genetic.

Then WILDFIT, February through April 2015. Released 40 lbs in 1st session and 20 in 2nd. Maintained that with slight oscillations since, when I’m tempted by sugar, my remaining weakness. The coaching is as important to me as the information and the healthier diet. It’s key to my staying on track. When I thought about what exercise I most enjoyed, it was Jazzercise, so added a weekly Zumba class in 1st GWF session, added 2, then 3X per week. I’m now up to 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day when I’m home, less when traveling and can’t find a class. I do better with group classes. I don’t do well on solitary exercise or “diet” programs. Love that Get WILDFIT has started WILDFIT for Life.

Cherie Clark

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