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Success Story – Amazing Non Scale Wins


Non scale wins are something that you may not notice initially. But they are one of the most beneficial kinda of wins. WILDFIT graduate Twinkle Sharon, experienced a number of non scale wins and is super happy with her journey. Look below to read more!

Someone who has been heavy and chubby all their life can relate to this. I tried every possible diets in the market and went to the gym , exercised my butt off for 2 hours everyday but nothing worked after a while and when COVID came into our lives, things began to get worse. I joined WILDFIT recommended by my former colleague during lockdown as I gained back what I lost from years of gyming. WILDFITt transformed me. I lost 20kg in 90days with no gym, supplements or any diet.

Before WILDFIT : * I was heavy * active cystic acne and uneven skin * hair loss * tried every possible diet * diagnosed with PCOD After WILDFIT : * helped me release weight I never thought I could. Released 20kg in 90days and released additional 10 post challenge so total of 30kg * no more cystic acne , skin is even and getting better * hair fall under control * no more dieting * controlled the symptoms of PCOD. In short , it helped me create a body I longed and dreamed for the longest time. * I sleep better and I have energy all day through out. It gave the ability to say No to sugar and no longer crave for it. Most importantly it boosted my confidence and helped me be free from Food industry trap.

My body today is at the most healthy phase it has ever been. Well nourished and hydrated. WILDFIT changed my life on a serious note , because I switched my career from being a corporate junkie to someone now whose helping other individuals in experience a quality of life and have better understanding and relationship with food and their body.

Twinkle Sharon

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