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WILDFIT is a transformative 90-day nutrition program that uses powerful psychology, nutritional anthropology and supportive group coaching to overhaul your health from the inside out.

Developed by Eric Edmeades, WILDFIT is the ultimate answer to the distorted eating of our modern society. WildFit is a paleo-influenced health methodology that draws upon human history to guide you back to how our ancestors ate. Through the power of behavioral psychology, WildFit actually re-trains your brain and body to revolutionize your relationship with food. Through this, you will stop craving sugar, you’ll have more energy, you’ll be sleeping better and on your way to being the best, healthiest version of yourself.

WILDFIT provides a supportive and structured environment for your health journey.

Groups of individuals undergoing the same 90-day challenge are placed together to form a welcoming and friendly community. Through group coaching, your WILDFIT group becomes your greatest resource and ensures you stay motivated and on track! By pairing this supportive group context with powerful psychology and sound health principles, WILDFIT gives you all the tools you need to make a lasting change in your life.

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How It Works

What does a WIDLFIT Ambassador do?

When recommending a movie or restaurant to a friend, or the latest smartphone with that feature you love the most, how often do you get paid?

Do those recommendations get credited to you? Normally, no!

When you become a WILDFIT Ambassador you are given the opportunity to recommend WILDFIT to those you know. Not only will you change their lives, you’ll get paid too!

Every Referral counts.

Everybody wants to make some extra money, becoming a WILDFIT Ambassador is a great way to do that!
With WILDFIT, you can bring something incredible to those you know. You will motivate them to change their lifestyle forever, and they will be forever grateful you recommended WILDFIT!

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The Commission Structure

Our commission structure:

Ambassador commission rates are 15% on all LIVE Coaching Challenges and 25% on Video-only Challenges.

Is there anything better than being paid to help people change their health?

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