Get Certified for Spring

Join our Back to Spring™ program as a Certified WILDFIT® Coach

Incremental wins over time amount to lasting results.

Give your clients the feeling of food freedom year around with Back to Spring™.

If you’re not already familiar with one of WILDFIT’s most transformative add-on programs, allow us to re-introduce ourselves…

This 5 week deep dive into healthy habits was designed to help our clients regain quality sleep and mental focus, unleash abundant energy, facilitate real action, and give yourself permission to put your health first again. This program is a facilitated re-entry into Spring with the extra support and guidance our members need.

That’s where you come in!

Adding the Back to Spring™ Certification to your toolbelt as a coach is the perfect choice for anyone who has been through Back to Spring™ before and continues to enjoy the structure of stepping back into Spring for a period of time.

And because Spring can be one of the most challenging seasons to maintain and implement on an ongoing basis, being a Coach means your knowledge and know-how is going to act as the key to success for your clients.

More than ever, their WILDFIT® journey will require the firsthand experience and knowledge only you as a Coach can provide. Back to Spring is the additional challenge every WILDFIT Challenge needs, showing members why both ways of eating are beneficial to their overall experience through every seasonal track – and ultimately, their success.

Back to Spring™ continues to be one of the most transformative add-ons that we provide to our community, and this is your chance to introduce it to yours.

Think of this as not only the perfect chance to continue to focus on your own wellness and WILDFIT journey, but also the perfect platform to help your clients see why Back to Spring™ is such an integral component of their Food Freedom journey.

Together you’ll connect, share successes, and divulge your insider insights that will help your community become the best, happiest version of themselves (while generating an income!).

Now it’s your turn to be a WILDFIT Coaching success story and get Back to Spring™

As a Certified Back to Spring™ Coach, you’ll gain access to:

Now think about your potential clients…

Afterall, that’s why you’re here, right?

Back to Spring™ was designed to help participants:

Gain As You Train

As a Coach, your needs may vary, which is exactly why we’re offering different ways to add clients to your Back to Spring™ cohort.

Starting this fall, Coaches will be able to add clients to the Back to Spring™ program through WILDFIT HQ!

Once you become a certified Back to Spring™ facilitator, you will be able to sell and lead your own Back to Spring™ programs.

Your Investment

Most clients participate in Back to Spring™ 1-2x per year. We’ve had clients who have done Back to Spring™ once a year since we have started this program. Adding this into your program repertoire is a great continuing revenue option.

The cost to join the Back to Spring™ Coaching Certification is just $499 USD.

The Process:

1. Complete the self-paced learning modules hosted by Eric. There are 3 main modules and several supplemental modules (ex: How to sell Back to Spring)

2. Complete the self-graded quizzes that accompany each module. You must score an 80% or above to pass the module. You can complete the quiz as many times as needed and use your notes.

3. Once you have completed all the learning material complete one final exam (self -grading). Again, you must score an 80% and above on this exam. You have 3 attempts to complete the final.

4. Once you have completed the final, you will then be prompted to pick your membership option.

Membership Options:

Once you have become a certified instructor, you will have 2 options for your continued involvement:


$ 49 Monthly
  • Includes 30 available licenses
  • Hunter's and Gatherer's Spring
  • $20 per additional license needed

Non-Member & WILD

$ 79
  • Includes 8 available licenses
  • $25 per additional license needed
* Note: coaches must have a WILDER membership to facilitate the Hunter’s and Gatherer’s Spring tracks


Got questions? We’ve got answers!

WILD and non-member Coaches can pay $35 per client added to their cohort, OR $99 per month for 10 spaces at one time.
We are doing the certification alongside this upcoming Back to Spring™ Challenge (Start Date: July 25th, 2022). You will have the chance to take your final certification exam the week following the challenge.

When you choose your Back to Spring™ Coaching membership, you will have a certain number of licenses available for your use at any given time. For example, if you are a WILDER member and choose to enroll in the Back to Spring™ WILDER membership, you will have 30 licenses at any given time. This does NOT mean you have 30 licenses per month. If you have 29 people in Back to Spring™ and then want to start another class, you would either need to purchase additional licenses OR wait until your existing class is completed. 

Yes, in order to facilitate Back to Spring™, you must have a membership to do so. This membership gives you access to all of the worksheets, supplemental content and licenses you need to be able to run a successful Back to Spring™ cohort. 

Back to Spring™ Live Calls

Hunter's Spring Calls:

Gatherer's Spring Calls:

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