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Hunter's Spring Edition

5-week program with bi-weekly live support calls and dedicated Facebook Groups for Hunter’s Spring

Gatherer's Spring Edition

5-week program with bi-weekly live support calls and dedicated Facebook Groups for Gatherer’s Spring


5-week program with weekly live support calls and dedicated Facebook Group + all Hunter-Gatherer’s Spring support calls

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You bring the questions, we’ll bring the answers.

Check out this thorough collection of our most commonly asked questions about Back to Spring™:

Our ancestors lived through seasons, and those seasons caused different metabolic changes.


While Spring is the ability to activate one of those very important metabolic states called ketosis, Gatherer’s Spring is the opportunity to go into ketosis without any animal products. This is done by taking a break from carbohydrates.


To summarize, Gatherer’s Spring is the opportunity to go into ketosis without animal products by dramatically reducing carbohydrate intake. It's an exciting way to go through Spring and for my vegan friends, this is the vegan way of doing it.

Hunter’s Spring is the opportunity to go into ketosis while focused on animal products. It’s a time to mimic what life would have been like for hunters on the plains; where you're completely focused on meat, fish, eggs and byproducts, and take a break from all plant products.


This is almost like an elimination diet where you can pinpoint plants that might have been irritating your system and activating immune responses in your body. It’s a fantastic option for those who are interested in moving towards a more meat involved diet.

This answer will vary depending on which track(s) you’re registered for.


If you’re only enrolled in Back to Spring™, the majority of your calls will take place on Mondays.


If you’re enrolled in Hunter’s Spring or Gatherer’s Spring as well, you will have additional calls on Wednesdays.


These days are subject to change, of course, but we give you plenty of notice so you can mark the concrete dates in your calendar to ensure you’re able to join us live!


You can check the live call schedule here.

You are receiving Back to Spring™ as part of your Living WILDFIT® membership.


If you cancel your Living WILDFIT® membership during the 5-week Back to Spring™ program, you will lose access to the content. (You will continue to have access to the paid upgrade tracks, should you enroll in them)

Because Back to Spring™ and its counterparts are digital programs, we are not offering refunds (plus, we know you’re going to love everything we have up our sleeves for you anyways!).
Absolutely! We love when our members challenge themselves to enroll in all of the Back to Spring™ program tracks. It’s a great way to further your knowledge and push yourself to really embrace everything the learning offers.
Only $47 for the entire month of support and content!
Life gets busy, we get it! That’s why we share every call replay with members as soon as it’s ready. So if you can’t make it to the live call, you can tune in to the recording and feel like you never missed a beat!

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