Help the world get healthier.

Run a business that changes lives.

Change Lives & Make Money: Your Blueprint for Creating a Successful Health Coaching Biz

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Have you outgrown your current job, and are ready for something new?

Have you always been intrigued by coaching, but not sure you can pull it off?

Do you have a passion for food and personal growth?

Does the thought of earning a living (a good living!) while helping other people get healthier appeal to you?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, sign up for this free Masterclass!


During this 60-minute LIVE Masterclass, highly successful wellness entrepreneur, Eric Edmeades will share with you:

  • The behind-the-scenes truth about the current state of the coaching industry and how you can take advantage of this massive opportunity.
  • The common assumptions and mistakes that will sabotage your business’ chances, and how to avoid them from the beginning.
  • 3 ultra-fast ways to start your coaching business, even if you have no formal training or coaching experience.
  • Success stories from real life coaches who are making money while making a difference (and how you can too).

What I love about being a WildFit Coach:

I was so impressed with my results in my original 90 day challenge. I saw the opportunity to deliver a program that added to my dietetics training. I love facilitating "ah-ha" moments and changing beliefs about what is possible for my clients.

Amanda Hunt


What I love about being a WildFit Coach:

"WildFit was like coming home. I got back my energy & confidence. WildFit embraces my passion for nutrition, psychology, people & nature.
I get to fully see & coach everyone where they are at and just love asking the personal Q ’s needed for change"

Hilde Jahren


What I love about being a WildFit Coach:

I love WildFit! It is the only methodology in health and fitness that actually made any sense to me. It is so good to have control over what you put in your body and feeling really good about it. Sharing WildFit is one of the most rewarding things I do.

Jørgen Gundersen


What I love about being a WildFit Coach:

"WildFit changed my life. I released weight and gained vitality, confidence and emotional stability where other health programs and diets had failed. My results inspired me to became a coach to help others change their lives for the better, too!"

Laura Forgie


What I love about being a WildFit Coach:

"Being a WildFit Coach allows me to bring forth value that inspires people to engage and awaken their sense of vibrant living with real food, clear mindsets, self-expression. As true authentic power is found by living clean, clear and centered."

Leafy Shaw-Husfeldt


What I love about being a WildFit Coach:

"By having experienced profound changes in all levels of being, just by changing my relationship with food, how can I not help others to experience the same, see them come alive and step into their life? It is beautiful and fulfilling to witness."

Melanie Hopkins