Discover How to Build a Successful Coaching Practice

Join Eric Edmeades in this free live seminar and gain the insights, guidance and gameplan you need to kickstart or take your coaching career to the next level and unlock extraordinary financial and lifestyle freedom.

September 29, 8am PT | 5pm CEST

Duration: 2 hours

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What you’ll discover in this live 2-hours seminar with Eric Edmeades:

1) How to grow a thriving coaching business, whether you’re just starting out or have been around for a while

Wherever you’re at now, and whatever challenges or doubts you’ve had in the past: you’ll emerge from this seminar with an actionable and future-proof game plan for building a permanently rewarding, fulfilling, and transformative career as a coach.

2) How to become an even more effective coach with even the toughest of clients

Learn how Eric uses the principles of behavioral change dynamics to create lasting transformation in his clients regardless of their discipline or motivational levels.

3) One of the most powerful marketing tools in the world

Discover the secret sauce that allowed both Vishen and Eric to scale up their businesses and build a global legion of coaches while making a massive positive impact around the world.

4) How to build your coaching business into a profitable one so you can live a better life and ultimately become a better coach

Learn the single most powerful way to attract more clients for your coaching practice and how to use group coaching to help more people, reduce their costs, and rapidly scale your ability to earn.

5) The number one way to create real momentum, accountability, and change for all of your clients (while making more money and saving more time)

Not knowing this simple game-changing tactic is the reason so many new coaches struggle and costing them clients and holding back their practices. Don’t let it cost you.

6) And much, much more

By the end of this seminar…

You’ll have a future-proof game plan for working, earning, and giving back at your fullest potential in a rapidly shifting world.

Any doubts or fears you might have about your place in this new world will quickly melt away, as you discover the life-changing opportunities ahead of you.

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