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Sugar has clever ways of sneaking into almost everything you eat. Download this handy guide and check the food labels on your next trip to the supermarket!

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Sweet & Sour Soup

We love the complexity of the flavors in this soup. It includes all the spice and herbs you could ever...
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Vegan Bolognese Sauce

Warm, savory and comforting, this pasta sauce is sure to be a plant based meal staple in your home. Using...

Feeling Disconnected? Just Learn to Cook!

It always pains us when we hear someone say that they don’t like to cook. Cooking is such an essential...
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How to Reduce Pain and Speed Recovery After Exercise

As you may know, we here at WildFit disagree with using exercise as a way to get healthy. In fact,...

Sprouted Lentil Stew

It is often thought that only animal protein and sweet snacks can be used for recovery after a workout, however...

Healthy Habits – A WildFit Success Story with Alex Acra

Does success have to involve hard work and struggle? While there are circumstances in life that require more of your...
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Why the “Eat Less Move More” Is A Ridiculous Approach To Weight Loss

If we want to release weight, the common advice is to eat less and move more. I believe this piece...

Learning Through Example – A WildFit Success Story With Lindsay Stewart

Humans live through example... You learn different behaviors from parents, teachers, mentors, friends... the people who have the biggest impact...
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Not Some Diet Plan – A WildFit Success Story with Prasanna Karthikeyan

When most people hear about WildFit they assume it's "just another health plan". Why should I have to go on...