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Bacon Garlic Avocado Burgers

This is sure to be a family favorite. Everyone assembles their own, so there are no complaints here.   Prep...

How Food Marketing Is Feeding Your Emotions

The food marketing industry is good at one thing, making people consume a lot of their products. The first thing...
Bacon-Avocado-Ranch-Egg-Muffins_03 (1)

Caribbean Burst Smoothie

We live our life drinking Alkagizer, but sometimes it's nice to mix things up, am I right? Try this delicious...

Willpower Isn’t Enough – An Interview With Marco Geißmann

Have you ever felt that you know how to do something, but yet can’t seem to do it? Marco Geißmann...
Young girl in yellow flower field

5 WildFit ways to Increase your Mood Instantly

Some days it's natural to feel down or have a case of the blues. It can be because of a...

3 Hacks to Keep Your Mind Focused

How distracted are you? One of the most important things in the coming years will be the ability to stay...

Bacon Avocado Ranch Egg Muffins

Another yummy egg recipe... No description needed! Prep Time: 15 minutes. Cook Time: 30 minutes. Makes: 6 servings. Ingredients 3...
04.05.2019_Emotional Eater Confession_03

Confessions of an Emotional Eater

Have you ever had a secret that was too shameful to share, that it started to take over your life?...

Mindless Vs Mindful Eating

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly eating? Do you eat food that you know isn’t good for you, but you...