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What is Love and how does it Affect our Body?

What is "love"? Chances are your definition is different than mine, and may be different than the people you "love"....
Happy friends holding each other

Intimacy for the Lonely

Intimacy is something we all crave as humans. it is something we need, and at a time of year when...
Guacamole with avocado on wooden table

The Holy Guacamole

Nothing better than some fresh Guac. Enjoy with your favorite veggies or it also works amazing on salad.   Prep...

Chayote Salad

Yes, we love all the decadent dessert possibilities around this Hallmark holiday, but what about some self love in the...

Yuca Pancakes

Pancakes for the win! These are easy to make and they taste delicious. Plus you can fill them whatever you...

Why Cooking With Your Significant Other Is Good For Your Health

With a busy schedule it can be hard to find time for cooking at home. But after reading this article,...
Wildfest 2018 - 004A0547 - Photo by Kersti Niglas

Crunchy Sesame Squares

Dessert with a crunch! Mix up your desserts with this treat. Prep Time: 10 minutes. Cook Time: 20 minutes. Makes:...

Chocolate Truffles

Who said chocolate and WildFit don't go together? Although healthy, these little balls will make you drool. Prep Time: 15...

Testimonial Tuesday – Not Another Fad Diet

What is a fad diet? If you look up the definition of wikipedia  it says: "A fad diet is a...