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Sugar has clever ways of sneaking into almost everything you eat. Download this handy guide and check the food labels on your next trip to the supermarket!

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Three Rituals To Comfort You During Change

Change can be really difficult, often because it’s uncomfortable and unknown. However, the desire for change is something all of us...

Caribbean Fish Soup

Winter is coming, and you may be finding it is harder to avoid cravings and get moving. The good news...

What Happens When You Eat Too Much Sugar?

It’s no secret that sugar isn’t good for you, and can lead to many health complications. Many people do not...

Habits that Destroy an Otherwise Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” Well the same concept applies to your health....
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5 WildFit ways to Increase your Mood Instantly

Some days it's natural to feel down or have a case of the blues. It can be because of a...

WildFit Preferred Cooking Methods

Whether you’re learning how to cook healthily, or just learning how to cook period, it’s always nice to have some...
Creamy Sundried Tomato & Artichoke Chicken

Creamy Sundried Tomato & Artichoke Chicken

As another summer draws to a close, the days are becoming shorter, and yet our to-do list is getting longer....
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New Person – A WildFit Success Story with Linda Klopper

When was the last time something or someone transformed your entire life? Not for a long time? Probably because it...

5 Ways to Optimize Your Vegan Diet

Switching to a plant based diet has been shown to be beneficial for our individual health, as well as the...