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The Sugar Monster is Yelling at Me! What Do I Do?

A client just wrote to me:   “Sugar monster out today. Able to refuse it but having to use my willpower again. What’s up here?”   Do you sometimes feel that the Sugar Monster is trying everything to make you eat sugar? Whether you have done the WildFit Challenge or some sort of calorie restriction …

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Eat to Beat Dry Skin

We are constantly told to slather things on our skin and hair to make it vibrant, but most will find that the moment you stop applying the product the texture roughens and that shine fades. What you put on will come off, but what you put in will create continual rejuvenation and vibrancy. In the …

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Sage & Chia Crackers

Whether for a casual evening at home, or as part of the spread at a holiday party, these crackers make a nice addition to the table. They have a rich and filling quality from the healthy fat and fiber in the chia, while the fresh sage provides depth and a touch of bitter to bite …

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Junk Light

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.” – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring   I think that we can agree on the fact that light is essential. However, not all light is created equal. Light can affect us in many ways. If we are …

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How to Cook the Perfect Bird

Last week on a gloomy Tuesday, I sat down at my desk, signed on to Zoom, and met with a long term client to discuss her recent triumphs and failures in the kitchen. As with everything in life, there are usually a handful of both. I was so excited for her as she described the …

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Goldenberry Sauce

In the interest of creating more variety in your WildFit diet, let’s talk about this fun, novel little treat- the goldenberry. Often used as a decoration on decadent dessert plates, these tomato relatives also have a place in their own recipes. This bright, citrus flavoured sauce will be enjoyed over seafood, chicken, steamed veggies or …

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Why Do we Crave Carbs in the Winter Time?

When we transition into winter, a few things happen- but one is a noticeable shift in our demeanor, from energetic and adventurous to sleepy and sloth-like. Some of us joke that we are going into hibernation, hiding under our duvets, napping, lounging and of course snacking (or trying not to).     What is it …

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Spinach and Avocado Dip

Whether it is a regular meet up with friends, potluck or family gathering, it is nice to have a simple dish to prepare. This is also great for healthy snacks throughout the week, and fulfills that craving for something creamy! Prep Time: 15 mins Cook Time: 0 mins Ingredients ½ C fresh spinach leaves cooked, …

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Why “Eat Less Move More” Is A Ridiculous Approach To Weight Loss

If we want to release weight, the common advice is to eat less and move more. I believe that this advice can be nominated to be one of the worst advice given the last century.   The “eat less and move more” paradigm is based on the energy balance equation: Body fat = calories in …

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Flavia Cucos

“I never thought I could one day be free from cravings and perfectly able to be in control of what I choose to eat. And yet, here I am, after only 3 months of the Wildfit challenge, I’m completely free from cravings and totally in control of what I eat. Chips, bread, fries and pastries …

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Coconut Banana Ice Cream

When transitioning to a WildFit way of life, it can be difficult to know how to incorporate desserts. If your Sugar Monster raged on a couple occasions, the best thing to do is leave refined sugar behind entirely. This doesn’t mean the end of dessert though! Take for example this rich, creamy ice cream that …

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WildFit Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is coming to the northern hemisphere, and despite all the holiday prep fun, it is difficult to ignore how bummed out we can get as the weather gets darker and colder. Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can forget that we have a very ancient and complex relationship with the …

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