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Sugar has clever ways of sneaking into almost everything you eat. Download this handy guide and check the food labels on your next trip to the supermarket!

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Chocolate Crackers

Do you ever get a craving for something crunchy and slightly sweet? Like graham crackers or a biscuit? You wish...

How To Live WildFit With Kids

“But what about my kids? How can I make them eat healthier?”. I get this question from parents in every...

Coconut Lime Paletas

Summer calls for a refreshing treat but all conventional ones are far too sweet! Enter the simple and sophisticated paleta,...

Racing to Success – A WildFit Success Story With Ahmad Shahir Ismail

How often do you hear: "you need to workout to lose weight?" While exercise is an accessory to any balanced...
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How to Overcome Summertime Social Pressures

Summertime, and the eating is... stressful! How can that be? So many fantastic barbecues, parties, weddings, road trips and adventures...

Salmon Rolls

Rather than provide you with another recipe for kale chips, sweet potato crisps or vegan chocolate, I thought I would...
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Feature Coach – Amanda Hunt

Introducing 2018 Coach of the Year: Amanda Hunt! If you’re looking for lasting change and need a coach who’s tough,...

Sweet & Sour Soup

We love the complexity of the flavors in this soup. It includes all the spice and herbs you could ever...

The Only Real Strategy to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Oh, cellulite. If it didn’t have nine letters, most would call it a four letter word. Why don’t we want...