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Is ‘Clean Eating’ Healthy, Or Just Another Marketing Gimmick?

I just read an article about The problem with the term ‘clean eating’, and the first paragraph was heartbreaking to...

Cauliflower Rice

There is always a food whose job it is to make up the substance of a meal, to soak up...

The Cycle of an Emotional Eater and How to Break it

What is freedom to you? WildFit’s core value is freedom. It was created to help people to achieve true food...

Success Story – All Hope Was Lost!

Have you ever felt completely lost? We all have at some point in our lives, whether it's not knowing the...

Strawberry Lemon Squares

This month we are talking about grains, and how to make a grain free diet satisfying and delicious. What better...

Bacon Garlic Avocado Burgers

This is sure to be a family favorite. Everyone assembles their own, so there are no complaints here.   Prep...

How Food Marketing Is Feeding Your Emotions

The food marketing industry is good at one thing, making people consume a lot of their products. The first thing...
Bacon-Avocado-Ranch-Egg-Muffins_03 (1)

Caribbean Burst Smoothie

We live our life drinking Alkagizer, but sometimes it's nice to mix things up, am I right? Try this delicious...

Willpower Isn’t Enough – An Interview With Marco Geißmann

Have you ever felt that you know how to do something, but yet can’t seem to do it? Marco Geißmann...