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Sugar has clever ways of sneaking into almost everything you eat. Download this handy guide and check the food labels on your next trip to the supermarket!

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Chicken Curry

As the weather cools down, it is so nice to have a hot, spicy dinner to warm us up! This...

Dragonfruit Waldorf Salad

Winter on our doorstep means salad is rarely on the menu. This is part biological and part emotional, but regardless...

Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes

A fun Halloween recipe that can be adapted for any fun decoration with orange, red or yellow icing.  Often these...

Monster Mouths

You will not find a faster way to make a kid eat healthfully than to make it fun, or gross....

Puzzle Solved – A WildFit Success Story with Robyn Yost

We don't have a before and after photo for this incredible transformation, but Robyn's journey is clear in her words....

WildFit Fish Cakes

Fall in the maritimes is filled with warm aromas, brightly colored leaves, and cozy kitchens contrasting against the crisp outdoors....
09.25.2019_Intuitive Eating_03

Breaking the Diet Cycle

I was recently met with a WildFit client who was looking for answers. Having completed the 90 day challenge four...

Buddha Bowl Dressing

The Buddha bowl has become a classic vegan meal in recent years. As the story goes, Buddha would walk along...
17.209-178_WF_Coach_Lou_Derrer-1_resized (2)

Feature Coach – Lou Derrer

Introducing Rising Star: Lou Derrer! If you’re looking for someone who truly cares about your wellbeing, someone who would go...