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Caribbean Fish Soup

Winter is coming, and you may be finding it is harder to avoid cravings and get moving. The good news is this is completely natural-all our instincts are saying “save fat and take it easy!” What you need to do is find a way to satisfy your urge for warming, comforting foods and still be …

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Powerful and Often Overlooked Aspects of Breathing

Breathing is pretty important – it is vital to our survival! Hopefully, that is not big news to you. Did you know that breathing is much more than just inhaling oxygen into your body? By the time you finish this article, you will pay more attention to your breathing, and maybe even change how you …

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How to Have a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is upon us and it is time to get scary! What is really scary is how addictive sugar is.  Even more terrifying is that it’s now a cultural norm to give out bags of it to local kids and pass by mounds of it piled on office desk corners. It is no coincidence that …

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Coconut Plantain Snickeroons

There is nothing like a sweet treat to cure cravings!  Often these recipes are filled with processed foods, that leave you wanting more than before you ate them. Lets put a stop to it! These snickeroons are made with wholesome ingredients that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Way to often it feels like there are …

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Why Diets Fail You And How To Fix It

Have you tried a gazillion diets and none seem to work? Or have you tried a diet that worked for a couple weeks but then you fell back into old habits? A lot of people I have talked to think it’s something wrong with them and that they lack the willpower. Here I have outlined …

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Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes

A fun Halloween recipe that can be adapted for any fun decoration with orange, red or yellow icing.  Often these icings have chemicals added for colouring, so this provides a natural alternative. These cupcakes are grain free and refined sugar free- making them an overall healthy recipe. Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes …

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How To Use Your Laziness To Your Advantage

The P-word. Procrastination. Sometimes do you feel like a weak person with no self-control? That you have no willpower to get that task done at work or getting yourself off the couch to go for a run?   I believe we all have moments like that. I even experienced this when writing this article… about …

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Monster Mouths

You will not find a faster way to make a kid eat healthfully than to make it fun, or gross. The magic of Halloween is not in the candy or sugar high, but in the imagination of the kiddos and their scary, spooky, dress up fun. By making treats easy for kids to make and …

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The Power of Journaling

Most of us have probably owned a diary or a journal at some in our life. I remember my first diary. It was a Harry Potter-themed diary, and I had the intention of writing in it every day. I started out strong and wrote in it for three consecutive days. Then I stopped. I have …

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Live Your Best Life Possible! – A WildFit Success Story

For much of my life, I was overweight. Of course, as a kid, you don’t really know that you’re overweight until certain events or situations make you realize that you are a little different…   Events and Situations One of the first events I remember was going clothes shopping with my mom. I can’t remember …

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What says fall better than harvesting fall fruit into decadent desserts to share around a table of family and friends? We often believe when living healthy lives, there is no space for dessert- that it’s all or nothing- and if we ‘slip up’ by having a sugar laden treat it’s all over.   Really, we …


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How to Transform into a Happier Human

As we stepped outside last week, we could smell of the earth as the temperature and plant matter shifted gears, saw the subtle daily change in light through the trees and noticed how the wind blew the leaves- these were all natural signals to us that transformation is happening. The change in seasons always stirs …

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