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Transformation Tuesday – Spring Changes

This week’s Transformation Tuesday showcases Andrea’s results! Take a read over what she experience going through the challenge, in her own words!   “I have had astounding results. I decided to end my challenge with a water fast. I had reached a plateau in my weight release 3 or 4 weeks ago. Most of my …

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Transformation Tuesday – Feeling Balanced

Jo’s WildFit transformation was incredible, and left her completely transformed from the inside out. She lost weight all over her body, on her face, chest, arms, midriff, waist, hips and bum – in total she released 33 inches in the 3 months of living WildFit! She’s also feeling more confident and in love with her …

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How to Make AND Crush Goals

Life is so busy. There are so many things you want to do, but only 24 hours a day. If you find yourself running out of hours at the end of each day with piles of unfinished tasks left to do, goal setting is an effective tool to help you prioritize and reorganize your life. …

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Make Magnesium Your Friend

Magnesium is a little bit underrated. It doesn’t get the same buzz that other nutrients do, but it sure does deserve our attention. Magnesium is a crucial dietary mineral that our body does not produce itself. Since our bodies don’t produce magnesium, it means that we need to make sure we’re eating it! Incorporating magnesium-rich …

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Transformation Tuesday – More Energy and More Focus!

For today’s #TransformationTuesday, we’re sharing Tim’s journey! As Tim will tell you, if you’re doing WildFit, you’ll have to buy new clothes to fit your new body! To date, Tim has released 21 pounds! He says that since his body started burning fat, he’s been sleeping better and has been more focused. Tim also shares …

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Quick Alkagizer Hacks

The alkagizer is a cornerstone of living WildFit. Now that you’ve been living this lifestyle for a while, you’re incredibly familiar with the alkagizer and have started craving one every day.   Have you ever gotten a little bored and tried experimenting with the flavor? If you haven;t, luckily our team experimented for you so …

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Transformation Tuesday – No More Hand or Feet Pain After Years of Medical Diagnosis

For this #TransformationTuesday we want to share Terry-Lynn’s inspiring journey through living Wildfit. Her physical transformation has been incredible – she’s released at least 10lbs and 30 inches, plus she’s absolutely glowing! What’s truly enlightening about Terry-Lynn’s transformation is how living WildFit eliminated pain in her hands and feet. She describes how much pain she …

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Use Meditation to Supercharge Your Wellness

During this WildFit journey, your mind plays an important role in how you revolutionize your relationship with food. Your mind is a powerful tool and crucial to your wellness journey. Meditation is another way we can use our minds to promote more wellness in our lives. Meditation is a practice where through training the mind, …

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Transformation Tuesday- No More Headaches or Pains

Today, we are featuring Sue’s story for #TransformationTuesday. Sue’s journey reminds us that  although losing weight is one of the amazing outcomes of living WildFit, the true goal of WildFit is to create a healthy lifestyle for life.   Sue has released an impressive 22 pounds and 23 inches, but she’s so focused on talking …

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Journaling 101

Writing down your thoughts after a long day in a journal is a small thing you can do everyday to help you organize your thoughts and reflect on your day. While this is a very relaxing practice, there are also some scientifically proven benefits associated with journaling. Journaling has been proven to boost self-confidence, creativity, …

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Transformation Tuesday- Improved Sleep

For this #TransformationTuesday, we’re highlighting Tim’s incredible transformation with WildFit. Tim is clearly excited about his progress and he’s truly committed to fully living WildFit!   It is amazing to see this man injected with such obvious vitality and wellness. In the video below, he goes into details about the ways his life has changed. …

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Treat Yourself: Easy Self-Love Strategies

You are an amazing person and you’ve accomplished incredible things. You deserve to celebrate your awesomeness! However, with how busy life is these days, sometimes we forget to take the time to give ourselves a little love. Self-love is important because it allows us to recharge, de-stress, and develop a healthy relationship with ourselves throughout …

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