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How to use your diet to boost libido and fertility

It’s spring time!

Love is in the air and all the birds and the bees, flowers and trees, as well as numerous animals around us, are in mating season. Humans can get busy year round, but there’s something about the warmer weather that gets us going! Unfortunately for many people, the joy of sex is much decreased these days, whether it’s because people have increased stress, poor body image due to excess weight, or simply because they feel too busy and tired to make it a priority.

Increased sex drive and libido is a known and welcome side effect to most people who enter our 90 day challenge. Eric and other WildFit coaches have numerous stories of couples who had been trying for years to get pregnant with no success and within months of completing the challenge happily conceived and went on to have healthy pregnancies and babies. So, whether you are wanting to procreate or simply enjoy the act more frequently and enjoyably, we have some tips to help you:


1) Sugar is a sex life killer.

Not only does it result in fatigue and create poor mood, it also increases your level of the stress hormone (cortisol), and decreases levels of happy hormones (dopamine, serotonin and endorphins).

Increased cortisol can cause decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction and an irregular cycle. Happy hormones are involved in healthy sexual function and intimacy. So if you’re in a down mood, sleepy, and stressed, what are the chances that your body is going to respond when it’s time to get lucky? More to the point, even if you were in the mood, high levels of sugar ingestion interrupts your microcirculation, the tiny little blood vessels that fill your erogenous zones, thus decreasing intimate pleasure.

If there was ever a reason to quit the white stuff, this is it! To soothe your sweet tooth, instead focus on lots of fresh fruit for breakfast which replenishes your body’s stores of phytonutrients so that your cells can thrive. Or, why not try this Luscious Coco Cacao Pudding, loaded with healthy fats and natural sugars which provide all the nourishment you need for good nooky.  

2) Fats and oils are a make or break.

Whether you are choosing vegetable oils, animal fat and heating at high temperatures, or nut, seed and olive oils at low temperatures makes all the difference when it comes to sex.

Vegetable oils are often extracted from GMO crops using chemical processes, adding toxin load to the fat cells in your body. Even if the corn, soy and canola oils that are being used are of a higher quality initially, they are still very difficult for the body to digest and can cause high levels of inflammation. The same rule applies to large quantities of animal fat, especially when cooked at high temperatures because at that point they can become carcinogenic. A better option is to use high quality olive, coconut, almond, macadamia, avocado, sesame and flax seed oils, and only at the very end of food preparation. These oils contain antioxidants that combat stress, soothe nerve endings, and boost organ health. Plus they all contain lots of zinc, a mineral that seems to be important for sexual health and reproduction.

Eating cold water fish like small salmon, sardines, mackerel, trout and tuna (rather than their oils alone) will also be very helpful. The health of your fat cells vital to sex because that is where your hormones are stored. To keep our hormones regulated and in healthy quantities we need to eat the right fats.


3) Circulation is everything.

Whether the purpose is pleasure or creation of new life, without healthy blood flow nutrients cannot travel to your cells to invigorate them. Proper heart function is created by eating an abundance of green foods with lots of nutrients and fiber, healthy oils and small quantities of the highest quality wild protein.

Daily intentional movement (aerobic exercise), time outside in nature and stress reduction practices are also huge factors. If this is new for you start with a green smoothie in the morning. If not, fine tune your diet with better sourcing or a wider variety of plant foods or experiment with a Fall season in which you are a vegan. All of these options purify your diet, making it more natural and heart healthy.

Your body needs to be vital and calm to create life. Ultimately this is why those who have experienced the WildFit 90 Day Challenge have increased libido and ability to conceive. An undernourished body from poor food choices and high levels of stress hormones give your body the message that the world is not safe, and therefore decrease energy going into producing sex hormones.

It is written into our biology that when times were tough, we probably could not carry children to term or protect pregnant women properly, so sex drives dry up and we reserve our bodies resources for better times. It’s no wonder you’re ‘not in the mood’ when modern stresses or poor diet come about! When we look at it from this primal perspective, we can realize how important it is to nourish yourself and take time to recharge if you are going to be a thriving human. If you try these simple tips, your mojo will be flowing again in no time.

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3 thoughts on “How to use your diet to boost libido and fertility”

  1. We have our home up for sale and after that sale we will be looking for a home in a new location. Thus this is all time and energy consuming . I am wondering if I enroll now do I have to participate now ,or can I start at a later date?

    1. Hi Suzann, Thank you for taking the time to comment. I can understand how busy you must be. However, don’t you agree that the energy and vitality you would gain from completing the challenge would make the process much easier? I invite you to join our next group challenge, starting June 25th! It is still very possible to enjoy WildFit, even with a busy schedule. In the last challenge I coached one person moved cities and 3 others were constantly travelling. If you are concerned you won’t be able to attend the live calls and you enjoy self study programs, you could also sign up for a video only challenge. The benefit of the group challenge is the support you get throughout. To learn more about which program would better suit your needs, follow this link:
      I hope to see you at the end of June!

  2. Cuál estación recomienda Wildfit para prepararme para quedar en embarazo? Un par de meses de primavera profunda?

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