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How to use your diet to boost libido and fertility

It’s spring time! Love is in the air and all the birds and the bees, flowers and trees, as well as...

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Luscious Coco Cacao Pudding

This luscious, creamy dessert also works wonders in rejuvenating the body, creating longevity, suppo...

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Celebrate Earth Month, The WildFit Way!

April is Earth month and there are so many things to celebrate! Earth’s bounty brings us beautiful...

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Chicken & Chive Spring Salad With Asparagus

Salad is a must in spring!  You can feel the beauty and freshness of the season in every bite. It...

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Chicken & Blended Brassica Stir Fry

Springtime is full of fresh salads, green smoothies and newly sprouted, bitter greens. We wanted to ...

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Three Ways To Rejuvenate This Spring

At this point, your News Year’s resolutions might be far in the rearview mirror and  you may need...

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Red Velvet Molten Fudge Cakes

A decadent, luxurious occasion like Valentine’s Day calls for a delectable dessert! Whether you ar...

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How to Achieve Self Love

LOVE. A word that’s often misinterpreted because it can have so many connotations. Someone can say...

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Habits that Destroy an Otherwise Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” Well the same concept applies to ...

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Workouts You Can Do At The Office

In this day and age humans are often confined to their desks. People are living incredibly sedentary...

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