Increasing Male Fertility Through Diet

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and I’m not pretending to be one either. You should always seek help from a medical professional. Men’s fertility is an important topic. This study shows that the fertility rate amongst men has dropped the last 40 years (Levine et al., 2017). If the trend continues, we could be in serious …

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14 Day Food Reset

The Spring Reset Program Begins April 15th! Get Started Now! Are You Ready to Reset Your Relationship With Food? Reset your body. Reset your LIFE. Eat the way nature intended. You can now experience the first two weeks of the 90 Day Challenge with our new 14 Day Reset! Yes, I’m in! As Seen On …

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What is Love and how does it Affect our Body?

What is “love”? Chances are your definition is different than mine, and may be different than the people you “love”. I think we can all agree, it’s not a straightforward answer, and it means different things to different people. Maybe it can’t truly be defined by words, but that doesn’t mean we can’t begin to …

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