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Revamped Nutrition – A WILDFIT Success Story with Celenia

WILDFIT Success Story

We LOVED watching Celenia go through the 90 day challenge and are so proud of her end results! Read below to see how she completely revamped her nutrition and lifestyle.

“I battled cancer in 2016 and lost about 40 lbs in 4 weeks because I was essentially starving myself (I had no appetite, and when I did eat I couldn’t keep it down). Once I entered the recovery phase (after surgery, chemo and radiation that brought me to the brink of death and did a number of my gastrointestinal system), my appetite returned with a vengeance. I ate everything in sight. I put on the 40 lbs. I had lost…and then some. I stood on the scale one day and was horrified into action.

I’m so glad the WILDFIT challenge came into my life when it did. I was truly READY to revamp my body’s nutritional intake. I was completely addicted to sugar (hmmm, any correlation to cancer??) and ate whenever I had a “craving”, which was about every 2 hours and usually emotionally based. I was probably nutritionally starved even though I was eating all the time.

WildFit turned all of that around. I am never hungry because my body is getting all this rich nutrition now. Dairy is on my “don’t” list. Processed sugar (and sugar substitutes) – also on my “don’t” list. Bread, crackers, cereals? Bye-bye. I feel clean. My digestion is no longer distressed, my skin is glowing (OK, maybe that week in Maui helped), my allergies are still there but I take medication every OTHER day instead of daily now.

I am moving intentionally every day, have lost almost 30 lbs. and have gone down 2 pants sizes! The best part is that I FEEL GOOD, I feel alive, I feel as if I’ve got a few more decades in me now (I’m almost 60). As a cancer survivor, just feeling good is an enormously gratifying outcome.

So…thank you Eric and your amazing team.”

We can’t wait to see your continued progress, Celenia!

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