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Clear Skin Through Clean Food – A Success Story With Christine

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The association between nutrition and acne can no longer be dismissed. Here at WILDFIT, many who complete WILDFIT 90 experience noticeable improvements in their acne and overall skin health. We’re sharing a remarkable success story today that showcases a non-scale win, when it comes to the skin (yes, we made that rhyme!)

Christine Harris struggled with cystic acne for many years. She tried all different kinds of treatments but continued to feel defeated. It wasn’t until she started WILDFIT that her skin finally started to clear up. She was able to save her skin and clear her acne, all by eating an ancestral-based diet – and actually enjoying what she was eating! Read more about Christine’s non-scale victory win below:

“I battled cystic acne for over 5 years now. It started as a late teen and ravaged my whole face once I moved to Denmark as an exchange student. It was so painful, some nights I couldn’t lay on the side of my pillow, every morning I checked my skin to see if it was still there.

My self-esteem shattered and I spent days worrying about if people could see the bumps on my face. My head was either down or my hand was covering my chin. I tried multiple birth controls, 3 rounds of antibiotics, $3000 plus on skincare, and trips to the derm. I tried all the luxury brands claiming to “heal” my skin. I did everything I felt I could.

I researched to see if dairy had an impact on cystic acne, but the articles claimed there wasn’t enough scientific evidence and study to match the claims. I even took the lactose intolerant test and it came back negative! I was on and off my antibiotics, clearing most of the skin – but it always seemed to come back. It always came back at Christmas time. After doing WILDFIT, it is VERY clear to me it was dairy and high carbs all along. Of course, it was getting worse when living in Denmark! We eat cheese, milk, yogurts, and butter ALL THE TIME. There were candy stores located in all the small villages. We even ate sugared potatoes – yuk!

Everyone knows Christmas is the time for all those unhealthy desserts and myriads of cheese. I noticed how great I felt once we took a vacation from it. Dairy was not only hurting my skin badly, but it also took away my appetite, my digestion was painful, and my stomach aches were regular. I struggled with being underweight since I never felt hungry. It must have been a sensitivity. 

Now I have clear skin, no stomach aches, good digestion, and an appetite. I really enjoy the food I am eating because it’s not making me sick anymore! I look forward to the meals I cook and living a dairy-free life from now on. Yay for non-scale victories! Yay for WILDFIT!”

Congratulations Christine, and thank you for sharing your story with us!

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