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Complete Lifestyle Change – Success Story with Tristan Pagusara


Many people go into WILDFIT thinking that it is just a temporary diet that will give you short term results. WILDFIT was designed to give you life long results so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are countless non scale wins clients experience after completing the challenge. Tristan had an overall goal of improving his health. He accomplished his health goals and much more. Look below to read is story.

I received a lot of inquiry about what diet I followed and I know I jokingly reply the diet is called poverty. But here is the truth, I joined the WILDFIT 90 days program. My goal was to control my blood sugar and improve my health condition having been diagnosed with Diabetes a few years back. After I read the post of Glory Jane Velasco about how she was able to help her mother improve blood sugar I decided to connect with her and ask for help. She introduced me to the WILDFIT 90 day program and I decided I will make a change now.

WILDFIT has opened my eyes to the dangers in the food industry and how to properly choose the food I need. It has made me realize that the food that I thought would help me with my condition is actually making my condition worse. Halfway through the program I’ve already seen lots of improvement to my condition. The most significant is the improvement on my blood sugar. From over 120 down to 80. My doctor was happy to see this improvement that she decided to remove some of my maintenance medications. I used to spend around 6k per month on medication and now it has significantly lowered to 3k per month. My ultimate goal is to free myself of any maintenance medications and so I decided to continue with the lifestyle.

Another improvement is to my weight, from 126kg when I started the program down to 114kg. I used to wear a size 46 pants and I had this custom made because I couldn’t buy one in the store. Now I was able to buy a size 42 and I was surprised that it fits me. I used to have this pain in my back and my legs and was uncomfortable walking or standing for long periods of time but now these are all gone. These are just some of the things I have gained in joining the program.

Tristan Pagusara

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