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Conquering The WILDFIT Journey: A Success Story with Danielle Terhune

WF - Before & After

The outcomes that many individuals experience after doing the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge are more than just releasing a few pounds. Instead, it has become an everlasting journey engraved in many lives that helps them achieve a healthy lifestyle. By combining the aspects of food psychology, community, coaching, and more, WILDFIT is more than just a diet program – it’s an entirely new way of life.

One of our former WILDFIT graduates Danielle Terhune shares her success with completing WILDFIT and the immense improvements she has found not only with her weight loss but her entire mindset as well. Read her testimonial below!

“Well! I just completed the Wildfit 90 Day Challenge. I played full out! I conquered every temptation that came my way!

The thing is, if you look at my photos and numbers visually it doesn’t seem like a big change… honestly. There has definitely been some improvement – looks-wise and a bit measurement-wise… but you would think I might be a bit disappointed with the outcome. 

Well, I’M NOT DISAPPOINTED! This program and the WILDFIT team was the best thing that could have ever happened to me! The 90 days may be up, but the journey is only beginning. 

What transformed beyond what you see? 


1. The months leading up to WILDFIT I felt ashamed of myself. I was letting my body go. I drank like a fish and ate French fries and pizza etc a few times a week. But now I have total control over my food choices and feel great about myself. I’m not “weak” anymore. 

2. I learned a ton about the food industry and all the evil ways they manipulate and control us and our food. Trust me, if you are overweight and struggling with food control or health, you will learn that none of that is your fault. 

3. I was a staunch vegan for over a year before joining Wildfit.. and while the program doesn’t knock you if you are vegan and you can do the program if you are, it totally changed my ideas about the “natural” human diet and how to live optimally. I now eat meat, but only 100% grass-fed, raised humanely, free-range, wild-caught. It was a very difficult decision to make, but I made it for myself. 

4. I look at food in a whole new light, I’ve never been more nutritionally stacked (no supplements, all veg, fruit, and meat). My blood pressure is down, my sleep is 100x better, my energy is level, no mood swings, and I just feel like a new person!

I feel freaking amazing! I’m excited to continue Living WILDFIT for the rest of my life. If you want a TOTAL MINDSET change, self-control, a much healthier body, better energy, and all of the above #getwildfit .”

Photos of Danielle’s Transformation:

Before Photo
After Photo
Before Photo
After Photo

Before Photo

After Photo
Before Photo
After Photo

We are so proud of Danielle and are excited that she is part of our Living WILDFIT Community!

Have you also completed our WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge and want to know more about how YOU can also continue living the WILDFIT lifestyle? Click here to find out how you can be a part of our Living WILDFIT Tribe!

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