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Why Cooking With Your Significant Other Is Good For Your Health

With a busy schedule it can be hard to find time for cooking at home.

But after reading this article, you might find it compelling to find the time to do it.


Cooking Food Is An Act Of Self-Love

We need food. Our survival depends upon it!

By cooking good food, you’re signaling to your DNA that you can take care of yourself and that you’re essential. That’s why cooking healthy and delicious food is a real confidence boost!

This might give you enough reasons to start prioritizing cooking GOOD food.

However — the real power comes when you’re cooking with your significant other.


9 Reasons Why Cooking with Your Significant Other Is Good For Your Health — And Your Relationship


1. Mindfulness — Together

To make good food, you need to stay present. If you don’t, you will probably end up burning your food and making a mess of things.

If you have tried making food and tried doing other chores in the house or just goofing around on your phone, you know what I’m talking about.

Cooking together is an excellent way to focus on a task together, without getting distracted from screens and social media. It can be therapeutic for both of you.


2. Spending Time Together

We all know that obligations at work and home can eat up time that would be spent with your significant other. Especially if there are kids in the picture.

By prioritizing cooking and eating together, you ensure that you’ll get to spend quality time together.


3. A way to have deeper conversations

By spending quality time in the kitchen and eating delicious food together, you can create a space for deeper conversations.

I know that my girlfriend and I tend to have the deepest conversations in the kitchen or at the dinner table.


4. Having Fun Together

Cooking food can be a messy business. If there are two of you, at least you’ll do it together. Why not add some fun in as well? Put on some upbeat music and twist those hips.

I know our parents said to never play with our food — but do it anyway!


5. You’re on the same schedule

The unwritten rule of a relationship is: eat, sex, sleep, repeat — at least that is the goal.

Cooking and eating food together gets you on the same schedule. That means that you will probably be hungry at the same time, that again makes you more motivated to be cooking a meal at the same time.

Maybe this will help you get in the mood at the same time? You know what type of mood I’m talking about…


6. Experimenting with food can spice up the relationship

Exploring different kinds of food and spices can not only lead to joyful food experiences, but it can also lead to explorations in other parts of the relationship. It’s time to get adventurous!


7. Being Pregnant With A Food Baby… Together

We’re not the biggest fan of over-eating here at WildFit. But when you’re making all this delicious food together, it’s gonna happen. At least you’re in it together.


8. Makes You More Comfortable Together

Food is something we tend to be self-conscious about. It’s not uncommon to feel shame around eating habits and your relationship with food.

Being together when making and eating food can both be healing and make you more comfortable around each other.

Speaking of being comfortable… According to a HelloFresh survey, about thirty-six million people (that’s about 15% of US adults) admit they have cooked naked.


9. Home Cooking Is Good For Your Health

Home cooking can not only be good for your relationship, but it’s also good for your health.

According to this article (Monique Tello 2018), home cooking is key to being healthier:

“[…] research is turning to studying the value of nutrition programs that include cooking instruction. These programs have been shown to help people adhere to a healthier diet, eat smaller portions, and lose weight — improvements that lasted as long as a year after the study ended.”

Thus, focus on your home cooking skills and do it together. It will be good for your health and soul.


Do you want to cook healthy and delicious food, but you don’t know where to start? We have just the cookbook for you and your partner! Click below to check it out!

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