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Couch Potato No More – A WILDFIT Success Story with Debbie Mathieson

WILDFIT Success Story

A common theme amongst many of our clients is the feeling of hitting rock bottom. Their health is the worst it has ever been and they feel completely defeated.

The idea of finding their way back to a better well-being is a dream and completely out of reach. They feel humiliated for what they’ve become and the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge is a last attempt to find the right path…

You could say this is how Debbie felt before joining the WILDFIT program. After, all she had to say was this:

“I let myself get fat and lazy. I never exercised, hardly cooked and ate pasta, pizza, bread and chocolate. It made me realize, I had to change. I heard Vishen from MindValley interviewing Eric Edmeades, and thought the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge sounded like exactly what I needed.

Since then, my lifestyle has completely changed. I cook healthy meals.

I never thought I could eat the alkagizer. Now, I have one every day.

A few months ago I gave up on a company event which involved a walk to the beach. I couldn’t do it. I ended up in tears. It was so humiliating. Then last week I took part in a 5km walk.

I get up most mornings and go for a walk to see the sunrise over the ocean. Magical.

I have gone from a size 42, or XXL to a size 12/M. I feel amazing. Confident. I see a self in the mirror that I recognize, rather than that fat person I was hiding in.

I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to change from the couch potato lifestyle to a healthy one. “

Debbie Mathieson

You too can discover your path, regardless of where you want to go.

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