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Dean Ng – Rising Star of the Year


We are honored to congratulate the 2019 Rising Star Award, Dean Ng! 

This award is a difficult one to pick, but Dean really stands out in the WILDFIT Coaches community!

Dean became a certified WILDFIT coach in 2019 and has helped many complete the WILDFIT challenge themselves. Did you know she wanted to become a coach before even completing the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge!?

For Dean, this award is an affirmation from the world that she is on the right track, it can only get better and it’s time to continue serving people in an impactful way. 

We are excited to share with you what we learned about Dean during her interview.

Dean’s 90 Day Challenge Results

Dean began the challenge to become a WILDFIT coach. 

Her biggest wins were: weight, becoming pain free, and finally feeling light within her body again.

It wasn’t until after the challenge that she became a fully converted WILDFITTER. Each time Dean conducted a little experiment with food, she found all the symptoms that had disappeared on the challenge, returned. This was very eye opening and helped to solidify the WILDFIT lifestyle.

She loves how WILDFIT ‘makes sense’, how it’s very instinctive and how it ties to evolution. 

WILDFIT Coaching

The passion to coach WILDFIT came from Dean’s prior experience. Dean had already been coaching for years and saw how well WILDFIT would help her clients understand the importance of health. 

The best part is, it works!

Dean fully believes in WILDFIT and loves to embody and embrace Living WILDFIT on a daily basis. It’s something she can share with the world and not feel like a fraud. 

Her favourite part about being a WILDFIT coach is when she wakes up in the morning and receives inspiring messages of transformation from her clients. When medication is cut in half, when bodies are transformed, and her clients are finally feeling free again. This is when the gratitude feelings for becoming a WILDFIT coach, really come to life.

The reason Dean is involved in health and wellness is because she’s on a mission to better the world’s health and each time she receives a testimonial or a message with a ‘win’ she’s given the affirmation that she’s on the right track.

Lastly, the most inspirational part for her about being a WILDFIT coach is when clients come back and say thank you for helping them learn how to love themselves. 

Something we all could use a little more of these days, self love.  

Words of Wisdom

Every coach has their own coach and Dean is very grateful for her partner Jules who’s been there every step of the way. We’re always going to have mentors, influencers and role models who support you in your life. However, when it’s also the person who you’re closest with it means so much more and Dean is very grateful.

Dean’s advice to new coaches is to never give up or lose faith in yourself, do what you believe in and remember to be authentically you.

“Nothing is impossible!”

Dean Ng

What’s Next?

Dean and Jules now run The Affirmative People, with the vision to create a safe space for individuals to grow, create and be imaginative with a holistic health approach. 

Everything they do, Dean and Jules, is all around affirmations and guiding their clients to improve their lives mentality, physically and spiritually. 

It’s all about the growth within you!

They have some amazing projects going on within their company that they can’t wait to share with the world! 

Connect with Dean

You can reach out to Dean below:

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