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Goals Accomplished! – A WildFit Success Story with DJ Goddess

We had the AMAZING DJ Goddess go through our challenge and here’s her success story! How incredible are these after photos?!

“I am so thrilled to have completed the 90 day WildFit Challenge!  I have never completed a diet before let alone one for 90 days!  I don’t think I’ve even lasted more than 2 weeks before which is never enough time for a proper transformation. The WildFit team went beyond their means to be there for their clients and to help them along the way.  What I love about WildFit is despite slip ups, you can get right back onto the diet wagon without feeling excessively guilty and discouraged.

Training Day Cafe aided tremendously with allowing me to accomplish my goals and to get through the 90 day WildFit Challenge. I live an extremely busy lifestyle and Training Day Cafe saved me so much time. I really feel that WildFit requires food prep to get through it successfully and to avoid impulse junk foods. TDC provided my lunch and dinners everyday and I only had to pick it up twice a week.  Anytime I would feel hungry I could just reach into the fridge. Not only did it save time for preparing meals, it also took away time consuming food decisions.
TDC also accommodated the changes we made every week in WildFit, which also helped make the changes more seamless. It prevented me from succumbing to junk foods as well as there was only healthy stuff in my fridge as a result of less grocery runs. They also gave me a variety of meals even during deep spring of the WildFit challenge.  That is, they switched up my proteins from eggs, chicken, salmon, and white fish. They also had grilled veggies and salads. I think the most effort I made in the whole WildFit program was making my smoothies and guacamole which I liked with my meals which was hardly any effort at all with my Nutribullet.
Overall, I’m so thankful to have had TDC alongside my WildFit challenge.  It helped me stay the course and was massively convenient!”
We’re so thrilled for you results, Jessica!
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1 thought on “Goals Accomplished! – A WildFit Success Story with DJ Goddess”

  1. This is the best program I’ve ever been on. I lost 7# the first week, by week 13 I had lost about 25 pounds. I’m going to keep going until I have lost another 30 pounds

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