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Everything’s Better – A WILDFIT Success Story with Deepa Sugumar

WILDFIT Success Story

WILDFIT helped me in the following ways…

Our clients will often mention that WILDFIT helped me lose weight, or WildFit helped my energy levels, or WildFit helped boost my confidence. The truth is, WILDFIT helps with more than just getting people to their goal weight… it’s so much more than that!

Here’s some improvements Deepa experienced while going through the WILDFIT 90 Day program:

“I have released 12 pounds and 4 dress sizes. I look and feel 15 years younger. I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin without needing expensive clothes, jewellery or makeup. My hair feels silky and my nails have become stronger. My mood is stable throughout the day and my energy levels are great. My self worth and confidence levels have dramatically increased. I feel more hopeful and positive about my future. I have started appreciating all the small victories in my life rather than focusing on 1 major goal. My relationship with my self, my parents, spouse and kids is a lot better. I feel more compassionate and able to empathize with everyone around. I feel calmer and peaceful even amidst the COVID – 19 situation because I am absolutely sure that my immunity is at it’s best as I was doing the right things at the right time following a healthy lifestyle and nourishing diet. My daily breathing exercises, yoga and nature walks makes me feel connected to the higher consciousness. I feel free, peaceful, powerful and resourceful. My journaling habits have become better and I am able to identify the triggers for some of my non-nourishing habits like procrastination, self pity and self sabotage, instead I am able to create new nourishing patterns to help me in my life journey. My memory, focus and learning abilities have increased.

My self belief has increased dramatically and I feel confident in taking up new challenges in life. Overall I feel like a better version of myself who is ready to conquer the world. Thank you Eric and Ariel for your time, knowledge and support you’ve given us throughout our journey with WILDFIT. With lots of love and gratitude”

Deepa Sugumar

Talk about a transformation!!

We’re incredibly touched by Deepa’s kind words and thrilled by all she accomplished during the WILDFIT program.

If Deepa mentioned an aspect of your life that you would like to change, maybe it’s time to begin your journey…

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