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Feature Coach – Alex Reneman

Introducing 2018 Rising Star: Alex Reneman!

Unsure if you have what it takes to make the health changes you’re looking for?

If you’re looking for someone who’s genuine and honest…  Alex is your WildFit match! You’ll never have to worry about a second agenda, as he likes to keep things simple. He only keeps one agenda and it’s about helping you.

The diet/workout/self help industry often sugarcoats what it takes to reach your health goals. Alex’s approach is much more straightforward.

He’ll say upfront if he doesn’t have scientific evidence to answer a question. He can’t pretend that he knows every answer, but he’ll definitely do his best to find a solution and share it with you.

Alex is not a big hobby-guy. His passions in life include his family, his community and the outdoors.  

His strongest belief is: ‘’what you can be, you must be’’. Meaning your goal in life should be to discover your true potential and fulfill it, while being conscious of your impact on the world. Alex believes in acting out of love, never out of fear. Nothing good ever comes out of acting from fear. When you’re bound to making a decision, take a deep breath and go with the most loving choice.

Alex lives in a community that has been voted the most unhappy and unhealthy places in America. There’s a lack of hope for the future of their children and people don’t believe they can excel in anything that they do. Alex believes everyone can find their calling and become something bigger. It’s why his mission is to change the beliefs of the people around him. If he ever wrote a book, it would revolve around the idea: “regardless of where you came from, you can be something’’. 

In his own words:

“Well, I’m an example for that! I’m just a hillbilly who built his own tech-company. I’m not better than anyone else. I was able to overcome some challenges in my life and that’s good for people to hear.’’

Over the last few years, Alex built his company based on four main values:

  1. Possibility
  2. Accountability
  3. Championship
  4. Trust

When you get the chance to have him as your coach, you’ll see these 4 values shine through.

His WildFit story:

Alex’s past has always been fairly average in terms of health. 

He was in the military and scored decent on the personal fitness tests, but always struggled with his stomach. Later on, he got nagging problems in his back. He went on to struggle with these symptoms for over a decade. It became so “normal’’ that he assumed it was just how his body worked. All the stress from starting his company, building his family and the collapse of the economy really took its toll on him. 

Years of trying every fad out there and working his butt off didn’t bring him any big results. Step by step, Alex got introduced to the effect food has on the body. Over time, he fixed many of his issues by eating more whole foods. When he stumbled upon WildFit, it was almost a no-brainer to start;

“Your health is way more important than whatever kind of money you could throw at a program’’.

WildFit allowed him to tie all the pieces of the puzzle together. It made him feel more in control than any other diet or method combined.

That’s when his mission started: “I’ve got to get this program to the people I know and love in my community both locally and globally’’

He offered it to everybody in his company and saw tons of great results. He started to empower people on a deeper level, motivating them to become the healthiest versions of themselves.

To Alex, living WildFit means:

To never have to search for direction from the latest fad. If you ever go “off track’’, you know exactly how to bounce back within days instead of months. 

“It’s about having control of who you are and how you live, starting with what you eat.’’

‘’If you bring your best self and follow the program, you will see positive results. I will be there with a genuine desire to help you live your best life. You will not be upsold on anything and everyone will get different results, but I’m 100% sure those results will be positive.’’

You can contact Alex by visiting our Find A Coach Page.

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