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Feature Coach – Amanda Hunt


Introducing 2018 Coach of the Year: Amanda Hunt!

If you’re looking for lasting change and need a coach who’s tough, understanding and loving all at the same time, Amanda Hunt is your match!

Amanda is best described as: “fiercely loyal, helpful, and a true problem solver. She has a talent for analyzing a situation and choosing the best path to find a solution.’’

When you decide to start your WildFit journey with her, you know the advice will be based on solid evidence and science. While others watch TV, Amanda reads nutritional science reports, trying to find the golden nuggets to help her clients.

The science of nutrition is still relatively new. It’s really easy to get confused by all the information shared online. She sees it as her mission to help as many people find THEIR path to health. It brings her fulfillment while giving her clients the opportunity to get a hand on the right information, all without spending hours in front of a computer screen.

When Amanda was doing school full-time, she always felt as if she could use more energy.

When she came across our founder Eric Edmeades, she instantly felt inspired by his level of energy. She thought, if I had 1/8th of Eric’s energy, it would help facilitate help her busy lifestyle. Then the obvious happened, she started the WildFit program.

During the WildFit90 Challenge, she experienced that extra bit of energy and went on to lose 35 pounds. Her skin cleared up and her hair and nails became stronger. That’s not even the best part… her libido shot through the roof. She thought: “hmm, this is something more people should know about!’’.

Believe it or not, her biggest spout of inspiration came from the successes of her WildFit group. People lost weight, got off their medicines and found even more energy.

She decided, I want to become a WildFit coach. It felt selfish to have all this knowledge about nutrition and health, and NOT share it with the world.

Since becoming a coach, she’s continued investing in herself, going to seminars, taking courses and practicing her knowledge. All to become the best coach possible.

As of today, she has helped more than 6000 people through the WildFit 90 Day Challenge…

Amanda’s core values in life are:

  1. Brutal honesty towards herself and others.
  2. Kindness… You don’t know the story of others and should always bring kindness to every interaction.
  3. Being present. She takes pride in being focussed with whoever she is coaching.

Imagine these three incredible values working together. Sounds like the perfect formula for WildFit success. It’s Amanda’s hope to incorporate all these values into her coaching sessions. One of the best compliments she ever received was that her style of coaching is: “tough love’’.

“I truly love the tough nuts’’

Although the WildFit 90 Day Challenge gives you the least amount of opportunity to fail, some people will always find it harder than others.

This is Amanda’s ideal client. Why? Because she can make the biggest impact. Whatever the situation, she’ll make sure you’re well equipped to continue forward. This is not going to be an on-again-off-again diet.

The moment she sees something “click’’ for someone, that’s the moment she lives for.

More than often a healthy lifestyle can feel like a lonely road. People don’t understand the reasoning behind your choices. However when Amanda’s coaching a group, she loves turning those tables and letting you feel support in YOUR healthy lifestyle. It never stops! She’s always there, even after the 90 days are over.

In fact, WildFit has a community group where all graduates of the 90 Day Challenge are welcome. All to ensure you’ll never fall back into your old patterns. Everyone is eager to help, give each other tips, support each other, and share their success stories. It’s a real tribe!

According to Amanda, Living WildFit is about freedom to CHOOSE what you eat.

It’s not about what’s on the end of the fork. All food can have a place in your Living WildFit lifestyle as long as it’s a conscious decision. The more you keep this promise, the higher your self-image will become. You’ll free yourself from guilt, shame and stop beating yourself up about the slip-ups.

Does Amanda’s story resonate with you? If so, here’s a special message from her to you:

“I will never give up on you. It doesn’t matter what you throw at me, it doesn’t matter what you throw at yourself. I’m going to be your biggest cheerleader and fan from day one. EVERYBODY FINISHES. NO MAN GETS LEFT BEHIND. You start what you finish and I’m going to be with you every single day of the 90-Day-Challenge, even if you need me after the fact, we’ll get you there. NO MATTER HOW BIG YOUR GOALS ARE.’’

Amanada has not only helped people release weight, but also to improve their athletic ability and family life. It’s up to you which route to take, but if you’d like to get to know Amanda better…

You can contact her by visiting our Find A Coach Page.

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  1. Hey my name is rahul and i am from india i am 18 years old and 6ft2inches tall and i have gained weight in 2 years and now my weight is 100 kg and i want to lose it i did exercise and they told me to eat that junk protein powder but i want to lose my weight naturally and i seen your advertisement so i am intrested in your 90 days challenge plzz help me to fix my weight!!

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