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Feature Coach – Ariel Richards

Introducing 2018 Coach of the Year: Ariel Richards!

Have you ever had self-esteem issues? If so, you’ll love the Ariel’s story (make sure you read until the end).

We know this story will have the power to inspire thousands and we’re honored to be able to share it with you.

When Ariel was a child, she was that shy kid who longed for connection but was terrified of being the center of attention. Her confidence was dependent on the kids around her, making it difficult to take risks with the fear of standing out.

Growing up, she became more critical and hard on herself. Always feeling like she was doing something wrong, leading to very low points in her life. She fought with anxiety and even suicidal thoughts in her early 20’s. She realised that no one was going to save her. No doctor or psychiatrist could possibly feel what she was feeling. She had to go at this alone.

This brave realization led her to study many psychological methods and nutritional theories. All to make herself a “full” adult. She cracked the code and discovered that you can heal a great deal of anxiety and depression by changing the way you eat. This blew her mind and so she enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to continue her education, and went on to start her own coaching business.

A few years later, the unfortunate happened. While giving birth, she had a near death experience caused by a massive hemorrhage which resulted in “irreparable” brain damage to her pituitary gland.

As you can imagine, this event had a massive effect on her life.

Ariel went from a woman who was muscular, fit, teaching yoga and eating really well, to a tiny, weak person who was dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Doctors told her she’d be able to live an “OK’’ life as long as she took her drugs. Even still, she should expect to pass away 30 years younger than expected. 

She felt like a hypocrite. Teaching health to others while her own body abandoned her.

During her rehabilitation journey, Ariel came across WildFit. Given that she’d studied nutrition for years, she wanted to learn more about the coaching program.

But to become a coach, you first have to finish the WildFit 90 Day Challenge, and so she did.

At first she was sceptical. What more could she possibly about nutrition? Later in the program, in one of the weekly group call sessions, she realized how effective WildFit was.

Since her hemorrhage, her brain had not functioned properly. It felt as if there was a part that was off limits to her. When she started WildFit, she felt her full brain-power returning.

After the challenge, she had discussions with her doctors.  They told her she could eventually cut her drugs in half, and to this very day, she continues cutting back. Now can see a bright future without the use of drugs.

Her relationship with her body changed. Now she could understand what her body needed and start healing herself again.  

Now whenever she’s coaching and witnesses someone making that shift in their health, it’s the most incredible feeling, like walking on clouds.

“We’re not healing people. We give them the tools and trust to heal themselves. They must find their own way of healing. I’m blessed to be able to help them find that path.’’

Ariel is a warm and loving person who’s incredibly open.

She’s not interested in having shallow conversations. Once you talk to her, you’ll find a special feeling of trust and acceptance, giving you the permission to be open and honest. 

Also, she likes to think she has a great sense of humor… but we’ll leave that up for you to decide.

Her 3 biggest core beliefs are:

“Everyone is capable of greatness as long as they have the right tools and believe in their capabilities’’

“Love is the end all be all when it comes to healing people, our planet and everything. If you want to heal, the first step is caring enough to try.’’

“Nature is a part of who we are. If we don’t spend time outside, we’re not fully living.’’

There’s nothing in life that lights up Ariel more than making a positive impact on the environment and in other people’s lives. Over the years she has learned to do this, not by PUSHING people, but by leading them in the right direction. By giving others a sense of connection and belonging, she can make them prosper in their confidence and health. It’s what she truly wants. 

Evidence for her effective coaching:

One of her past clients struggled with depression and anxiety. She wouldn’t even be on camera, but when she was, she’d always be in a dark room, only showing the top of her head with her messy hair. She wouldn’t speak unless someone asked her a question.

After the WF90 challenge and Ariels coaching, she sat up right, got a haircut, did her make-up. It wasn’t necessary, but she was finally taking the time to take care of herself. To look in the mirror and NOT hate what she saw. 

When the challenge was over, she felt incredible and was eating really well. She felt worthy of eating the best food. She released 40 pounds by the end of the 90 days. She started to put herself out there and show everyone this new found confidence.

Ariel has proven herself time and time again she’s able to help:

Women who’ve completely lost themselves, are struggling to find who they are and feel they’ve lost their direction in life. 

Through Ariel’s coaching, these women have become empowered. They start making decisions for themselves and the greater good. They become more mindful about their life now and in the future. Life no longer drags, but starts to feel like an exciting adventure. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for your beautiful work Ariel!

You can contact Ariel by following this link:

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2 thoughts on “Feature Coach – Ariel Richards”

  1. Thank you. Ariel, for being such a sweetheart, so kind and knowledgeable! Thank you for sharing your story! Thank you for being such a wonderful example of strength and dedication! I’ve always watch the video calls with you with a great pleasure admiring your mind and kindness! Please be blessed and keep supporting people with what you’re doing! Love you!!! ❤

  2. Hi Ariel,

    I’m currently in the WF90 challenge right now, on Week 8. And I have learned such an incredible ton from you in all the Q&A videos. You are such a sweetheart, your warmth, care, and love can be felt just through the TV screen. You’re such an amazing coach because you really “get” people. You understand their psychology and what they are searching for and you seem to always ask just the right question that helps them to dig within and find the answers. It really is so beautiful to watch. I hope to coach others that way and you’re a fantastic role model. Am so glad I came across your story, was heartwarming to read. <3

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