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Feature Coach – Noomi Midjord

Introducing the 2018 Butterfly Award winner: Noomi Midjord

Are you looking for a positive and supporting coach? Someone who could help you reach your health goals? Well lucky for you, we have the perfect coach.

She’s been spreading positivity as a WildFit coach of 2018 and is one of our most engaged WildFit tribe members.

Noomi is loyal and honest. She tells things as they are, but in a way that is accessible to anyone and everyone.

Noomi is great at teaching others how to heal themselves without having to rely on doctors. Although she believes medicine is helpful in certain situations, she also believes natural alternatives are essential which is why she loves being a WildFit coach.

She knows understanding the human diet on a deeper level can help prevent illness. Noomi knows by sharing this knowledge with doctors we can all adopt a more holistic approach to healing. 

In her own words:

“We’re always told we need to go to someone if we’re not feeling well… We’re never told that there are ways to heal ourselves. WildFit helped me step into a position where I can help others find the knowledge, confidence and trust they need to heal.’’

When Noomi found out about the WildFit 90 Day Program, she committed because of two reasons. The first reason being she was 10Kg overweight herself and nothing she tried worked. The second reason came from the feeling that somehow she could help others with the knowledge she would gain from doing the challenge.

When Noomi went through the challenge, she saw all her stomach problems disappear and easily lost the 10KG she was struggling to lose, she was sold on the WildFit method.

But her biggest inspiration came from all the incredible transformations from the people in her group. People who had been medicating for years, stopped using many of their prescriptions. 

For Noomi, it was a no-brainer, she had to become a WildFit Coach.

“To see the joy in others when they’re free of pain and illness, when they start to feel more energy and experience a sharper mind, it’s amazing to see.’’

Noomi always gets excited about other people’s results. Naturally she wants to share all her insights and the amazing results from other people who have completed WildFit.

Here are a couple of her best coaching stories:

  • Someone she coached was undergoing chemotherapy and was prescribed treatment every 2 weeks for the rest of their life. The doctors told her, she’d never get rid of it. However, 2 months into coaching, she was tested for cancer to find out it had disappeared from her lungs and liver. She even got a break of chemo! She’s not completely cured from cancer… but instead of needing it every 2 weeks, she had a break for 6 months. 
  • Another client had celiac disease and because of it, she never really wanted to travel. She always had stomach pains and her immune system was really weak because of the disease. But halfway into the challenge, her problems were gone and she started to consider travelling again, she was so excited she could finally trust her body again!

We know these examples speak for themselves. Noomi’s promise for joining her on a coaching journey, is: “I know it will change your life for good. And I will be there for you all the way. Together we can transform your relationship with food to the point that what the scale says is not even relevant anymore.’’

For Noomi, Living WildFit means not only being free to decide what to eat and what not to eat, but also living your life with such radiancy that you wonder why you never thought of this before.

Can you relate to her story? Her message? Her drive?

Then there’s only 1 thing left for you to do… Get in contact with Noomi!

You can do that by visiting her page:

Thanks for all your positivity and engagement Noomi!

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