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Feature Coach – Ruben Ruiz

Introducing 2018 Coach of the Year: Ruben Ruiz!

As a doctor, there’s nothing in the world that gives Ruben more satisfaction than caring for his patients. Ruben takes pride in that his life mainly consists of working at the 4 medical clinics he owns in Los Angeles. His biggest problem however, was that for over 30 years, the only way he knew how to heal people was by prescribing them drugs.

In his studies, Ruben had always been taught that that’s the only way to cure people. But the moment he was introduced to Eric and WildFit, everything changed.

In a conversation with Ruben, he shared that in his years at medical school, he learned how to evaluate the state of a patient and then find the appropriate medication.

He would get obese kids walking into his clinic with a coke and cheetos but never knew how to properly treat them, other then giving them meds.

Ever since he was a little kid, Ruben truly wanted to HELP people and today, this still holds true.

But for the last 25 years he never truly felt like he was helping anyone.

He would give them meds which he knew would have side-effects causing them to be prescribed even more medications. It was a never ending cycle. He saw patients taking 10 to 15 different drugs only to get worse. Eventually, many would pass away, never leaving an answer about how to live without pain and struggles.

At the same time he also became a patient. He got diabetes, weighed 240 pounds (120Kg), had high blood pressure, heart failure… and even though he had tried a variety of different diets, nothing truly helped.

Then he started WildFit and by the end of the WildFit 90 Day program, he was off most of his medications, lost 40 pounds, was sleeping great, feeling better… and he thought: “how can this all be so easy?!’’

From that moment on he was hooked. He wanted everyone in his clinics to start WildFit and  from this moment on, everyone in his clinic would get the same advice:

  1. Start doing breathing exercises
  2. Start eating more greens
  3. Start drinking more water

This advice started to have an impact. More people walked into his clinics with bottles of water instead of coke and they actually became healthier because of Ruben’s nutritional advice.

WildFit re-educated Ruben as a doctor and gave him, together with our founder Eric, the power to reduce diabetes to the point that they could get people off their diabetes medications. Now he’s even writing a book together with Eric about Post-diabetics. 

But this doesn’t only work for diabetes, but with high blood pressure, heart failure and other health issues. WildFit is guaranteed! 

In his own words:

“It’s incredible how the food and beverage industries have used marketing to make people eat and drink so many calorie-dense foods without any nutrition.

It’s impossible to be without food in the western world and yet there are so many people starving because they don’t get the right nutrition.

The best thing from WildFit, is that once people go through the challenge, they get their families involved. They see what benefits the participant gets and all of a sudden the whole family feels better. Your whole tribe gets affected by you getting healthy.’’

Since living WildFit, Ruben feels 20 years old again.

His joints don’t hurt anymore.

His blood sugar and pressure is in control.

His sex. Sleep. It’s all better!

The greatest compliment Ruben has ever received is that he cares enough about his patients that he truly wants them to get better. He doesn’t advertise for his clinics… all his patients are just tipping others to come see him.

In the near future, Ruben wants to introduce cooking classes and workshops in his own clinics to teach people the truth about nutrition and help them live a healthy life WITHOUT the need for medications.

If you feel compelled by Ruben’s story, this is your chance to be coached by him.

Thanks for all the beautiful work you’re doing Ruben!

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