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Finding Balance – A WILDFIT Success Story with Age Rosenburg

WILDFIT Success Story

WILDFIT brings different success to different people.

For many the goal is weight loss or more energy or maybe even clearer skin, regardless of what they wish to achieve, what matters is that every client reaches their ultimate health goals.

For Age, it wasn’t about losing weight or curing any health issues, it was about improving her relationship with food. And she did just that. Read her story about how she learned about her food psychology and some of the healthy changes she made in her life with WILDFIT:

My purpose in the program was not to lose weight, and I didn’t even have any allergies or serious health issues to tackle. Due to that, I had never tried any diets or programs before. My body had never screamed for any of it, and I had told myself always that well, I can eat anything, it doesn’t affect me.

I will be 40 in a few days, so this program was like a birthday gift to myself and my husband. I already was pretty good at balancing my mind and giving my body healthy workouts and feeling good, but I was not good with my body from the inside. I wanted to understand healthy living and internalize this way of life.

This program blew my mind in doing that. I did lose weight after all, but it was much more critical for me to create these direct links between the food I eat and how my body reacts (e.g. one chocolate candy = one pimple). To understand how my mind works with food and then totally turn myself around from all-time-sweets-lover to someone who keeps away from ordinary sugar. That is even a little scary how this program affected me, to be honest.

In the third week of the program, I started baking with dates and bananas. I don’t need the result to be sweet for it to be sweet for me. We’ve tried some cakes from store and chocolate and stuff to understand the effects but then have come right back to spring-early summer like eating.

So to summarize: I adore my mental wins of being aware of my body and knowing how something affects it, of having the actual food freedom because I can hear the talks inside me and understand them and not give in to cravings, of courage to say no. I love that my taste buds have started from zero, so I don’t need things to be sweet to taste sweet as before and that I can enjoy the variety of veggies and feel their excellent taste. And I am grateful for pushing me to find recipes to match the program-criteria – it boosted my creativity in the kitchen and made me love cooking even more! Just amazing! I hope one day kids will follow the lead .

Age Rosenburg

Age is loving her new WILDFIT lifestyle and all the different things she learned from the program (and about herself).

You too can create your WILDFIT success story and bring new awareness to the food you eat and how it affects your body. Try the foundational first 14 days of the WILDFIT 90 Day Program and learn if WILDFIT can work for you. For more information, follow the link below!

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