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Welcome to WILDFIT 90 

What to expect:

  1. The 90 Days starts with the first 2 weeks that we call the “Try WILDFIT” program. You will be joining a private Facebook group for that part of the program.
  2. During the “Try WILDFIT” program you will receive an email every day.
  3. On the last day of the “Try WILDFIT” program, you will receive an email with details to continue your journey and a new link to a private Facebook group.
  4. Starting Week 3, you will receive 2 emails per week (Mon/Fri)
  5. Your account will automatically unlock the new content moving forward.
    If you have any additional questions about your upgrade, please contact

Catherine’s WILDFIT journey helped her heal her body and her life. Her story will inspire you!

“I joined the WILDFIT challenge, went through the challenge and I was blown away. I could not believe the impact it had on me physically, mentally and emotionally”. ~ Catherine Malli Dawson

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