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Reclaim Your Health and Vitality
in Three Short Months


Our Founder, Eric Edmeades.



A health revolution is gaining ground and you are ready to join. Whether you are worried about your health or simply wanting to step things up a bit, the WildFit Challenge is the most effective self-care program you will find.

Created by serial entreprenuer, Eric Edmeades, WildFit is a powerful combination of nutritional anthropology, psychology, effective coaching, and common sense. WildFit works; let's get it working for you.

What Makes WildFit Different?



WildFit is a Paleo-influenced health methodology that draws heavily from human history and modern-day hunter-gatherer communities. A key princple of WildFit is that 'every living thing has a diet' and that the degree to which a species can stay on its diet will determine how they experience their health and longevity.



WildFit creator, Eric Edmeades, has been a professional speaker and executive business mentor for 2 decades; he understands behavior and how to create lasting change for you. WildFit's structure is designed to help you make the changes you want, quickly and easily.



The WildFit Challenge is carefully designed so that you will NOT be hungry and there is no requirement to exercise. This program is about nutritional balance and getting your diet, energy levels and sleep on track so that, when you are ready, you will enjoy any excerise you do a great deal.



For the most part, people already know (or think they know) what they should eat and what they should avoid to achieve their short and long-term health goals; the problem is that they often fail to do what they know. They make exceptions and exceptions become the rule. The WildFit Challenge structure is well refined and effective - it helps people create lasting change.



Food and health are team sports; people gravitate toward the average of the people around them. For most, this is not good news. The WildFit Challenge puts people on small mastermind teams that work together to complete the program and support each other both during the program and after it is done. 



Most people eat either far more or far less than they need; and often they do both. They eat too much of what they should and not enough of what they must. In WildFit, we work with the SIX CORE HUMAN HUNGERS to help people translate the messages they get so that they can really listen to their bodies.

Weight is Only One Measure of Health

Yes, weight is important and provides excellent examples of what is possible with WildFit. What is harder to see is what else our clients experience; better sleep, sharper memory, improved self-control, better moods, improved sex drives and fertility and, of course, improved self-image.

Warning: You may require new clothes and belts three months from now.

Don't Listen to Us, Listen to Them


“I feel 10 years younger. This program taught me so much about myself, food and my relationship with food. And it was not difficult at all - I did very little exercise through the program. I could not be more thrilled with my results!”

Eli Sæterhaug Løvaas


I’ve also counted calories for as long as I can remember and flirted with anorexic tendencies since adolescence; hence, the option to starve myself is more of a reality than choosing a lesser healthy option. Thanks to WildFit, I now understand how to eat, that food can be amazingly delicious, and that I never have to count calories again!

Amber Scotchburn


I released 8 kg and lots of inches;  I don't bloat anymore (that was the main reason I joined the program). I have tonnes of energy. I'm more alert and can focus better. My sleep has improved tremendously. I am much calmer and patient. Overall, I found answers to all my questions regarding food and nutrition. This is the lifestyle I want to live.

Iwona Woroniecka


"My skin is much healthier, brighter and yep, tighter! Inches fell off so fast that I was tripping over them. I even walked away from caffeine earlier than we were asked to do so – my tastebuds evolved so quickly that it just did not taste good anymore. Plus, I had more energy than I knew what to do with. Who needs coffee?"

Beth Morando

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The Ways You Can Get WildFit

WildFit 90

Go At Your Own Pace


  • Video Coaching Sessions With Eric Edmeades
  • Access to the WildFit Video Program
  • Access to support through the WildFit Forums
  • Access to the WildFit Membership Site
  • Living WildFit E-Book
  • Daily Check-In Forms
  • Choose Your Own Monday Start Date
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WildFit 90 Plus
Large Group

Next Challenge Starts January 29


  • Video Coaching Sessions With Eric Edmeades
  • Access to the WildFit Video Program
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Living WildFit E-Book
  • Daily Check-In Forms
  • LIVE Monday Coaching with Eric Edmeades or Master Coach Jacqueline Giurleo (11 Weeks)
  • LIVE Monday, Wednesday, Friday Coaching with Eric Edmeades or Master Coach Jacqueline Giurleo
    (First 2 Weeks)
  • Recordings of All Live Video Coaching

WildFit 90 Pro

Private 1 on 1


  • Personal One-on-One Coaching with WidFit Coach
  • Video Coaching Sessions With Eric Edmeades
  • Access to the WildFit Video Program
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Living WildFit E-Book
  • Daily Check-In Forms
  • LIVE Monday, Wednesday, Friday Coaching (First 2 Weeks)
  • LIVE Monday & Friday Coaching (11 Weeks)
  • Recordings of All Live Video Coaching
  • Access to the WildFit Membership Site

- All Prices in US Dollars -

The WildFit Guarantee:

It’s no accident that the WildFit client stick rate is over 90%. This program has been meticulously created and updated over several years of working with thousands of clients.


We firmly believe that the WildFit 90 Worldwide Challenge will help you meet (and exceed!) your health goals. However, if you complete 80% of the program and are not happy with your results, we’ll be happy to offer you a full refund.


Are You Ready to Get WildFit?

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Discover how dairy affects your skin, your weight and your total wellbeing!

In 1991 Eric Edmeades underwent a massive health turn-around that inspired him to become deeply curious about the link between nutrition and health.

After 10 years of seeking medical advice and prescription medicine Eric had experienced no improvements in his health. And then he made some dietary changes and in only one month, Eric had normalized his weight, cleared his cystic acne and every one of his chronic symptoms faded away.

This recovery drove Eric to take on a multi-year Indiana Jones-like research project that led him to study evolutionary biology and human history.

One of the most powerful discoveries Eric made during this time was about the history of dairy products and the role they have played in human history. Eric’s book Dairy Delusion, is a powerful examination of dairy products and their role in our history and our health.

And now, you can get a free copy of Eric’s book and start reading it right away.