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Healthy Habits – A WildFit Success Story with Alex Acra

Does success have to involve hard work and struggle?

While there are circumstances in life that require more of your time and energy, not everything needs to be difficult.

We are conditioned to believe that success in any area requires hard work, but is this true?

Earning money requires hard work. Happiness requires hard work. A relationship requires hard work.

Because of this belief, many of us believe that going for a health or fitness goal requires hard work as well. Many people give up before they even get started.

Alex Acra, a WildFit client, had a different experience when he did the WildFit Challenge:

“The WildFit Challenge has been an outstanding experience. Even though I feel and look amazing, my greatest victory is to have changed my relationship with food and the power I now have to make the right decisions and continue living WildFit. I’ve never even considered going for some health and fitness goals because I thought it was way to hard, but going through the Challenge and with the help of all the WildFit Coaches it was very easy and pleasurable, so now Im excited to actually go after goals I once thought were out of reach for me. Thank you Eric, Ariel, Jorgen and the whole WildFit Team.”

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