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WildFit Team

WildFit Team

No matter how much everyone should, the unfortunate reality is that many people do not live WildFit. People always have, and always will treat their bodies without the respect it deserves. They will continue to eat ridiculous amounts of sugar, not consume enough essential nutrients and they will continue to do ineffective diet programs, and just as unfortunately you will probably have people like this over for dinner. This is good and bad, because you get to make them a meal that is really good for them, but they also have expectations that they want you to meet. These expectations will probably be that you will have a lot of sugar and salt in the food that you make.

It can be really difficult to host a dinner party sometimes because people can be really picky, especially when you serve them WildFit approved food. For whatever reason healthy food has a real stigma around it, people think that you need to sacrifice taste in order to eat healthy, and this is just not true. As you know there are some REALLY GOOD recipes out there that any sane person would love that also fit into the WildFit lifestyle.

This blog post is meant to help guide you towards alternatives that you can use in place of some ingredients that just don’t cut it in the WildFit world. Hopefully this will help you while you’re hosting a dinner party.

Non-wheat flours and starches

Non-wheat flours and starches  can really help you when you’re hosting other people. You can use stuff like potato starch, rice flour or tapioca starch when making food. You can use these things in place of traditional wheat flour when baking or when thickening gravy or soup. This keeps you on track with the WildFit diet, while still allowing you to make foods that call for flour.

Butter alternatives

Believe it or not there are some great butter alternatives out there, and no, they aren’t margarine.  You can use a whole bunch of different things in place of butter depending on the recipe. If you need to fry something in a pan you can use olive oil, vegetable oil coconut oil or something similar. There are a TON of options. You can also substitute butter in baking. You can use coconut oil at a 1:1 ratio while baking, and you will get the same of at least very similar taste and consistency.

Refined sugar alternatives

This is very dependent on the season, and where you’re at with WildFit, but there are some ways that you can sweeten up your life without going back to sugar. As you may know, you can use honey and maple syrup if you haven’t cut that out yet, but also, think about all the other naturally occurring sugars out there. Think of all the sweetness that’s packed into fruits. Use these to your advantage when hosting people, especially when you know they have a sweet tooth. This way you’ll be able to eat how you need to, while still living up to their food expectations.

Don’t disappoint yourself or your guests, make food that is healthy but also super tasty. Get creative with recipes (maybe when you don’t have guests), and try some new things. Maybe you’ll create something completely new that everyone you know will love.  

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WildFit Team

WildFit Team

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