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How Food Marketing Is Feeding Your Emotions

The food marketing industry is good at one thing, making people consume a lot of their products.

The first thing they do to make sure we consume a lot of their product is to put sugar in it.

If you start reading the labels of the products you usually consume (unless you’re already conscious about it), you will find that most have some sort of sugar in them.

It’s not always easy to spot because they use a variety of different names for sugar.

We have found 65 names of sugar, and you can get the list by clicking here.

Look at a couple of products you have at home. Did you find any sugar?

The reason why they add sugar is to make you addicted. It’s the perfect way to stimulate you to eat more of their product.

The other way they make you want to buy their products, is by toying with your feelings. They’re extremely sophisticated at making you feel good, while simultaneously selling their brand and products.

They’re not only feeding you physically with their products, but they’re also feeding your emotions.

And I have to admit, they’re really good at it.

Here are a few examples…

8 Clever Commercials That Feed Your Emotions

Some of these commercials will make you smile, laugh, think and feel. Try to spot what emotions they want you to link to their products.

#1 Snickers – “You are not you when you’re hungry”

Have you noticed that the hungrier you get, the more flexible your food decisions become? Research has shown that your willpower goes down when you get hungry.

Do you ever get grumpy or angry when you’re hungry (also known as hangry)?

What better way to link the feeling of hunger to “the perfect solution”, a Snickers bar?

Betty White Commercial:

Mr Bean Commercial:

“You lose focus when you’re hungry. Eat a Snickers”

#2 Nestlé – “When goodness is shared over food, life smiles”

This commercial is taking us on an emotional rollercoaster. We’re following two children, where one of them is adopted, and they are trying to figure out their relationship with each other.  

At the emotional peak we get this message:

“When goodness is shared over food, life smiles”

Then we see some of their products and their logo, linking it to the emotions we feel when watching the commercial.

#3 Red Bull – “Red Bull gives you wings”

What Red Bull is brilliant at, is linking their brand to extreme sport, achievement and believing that anything is possible.

Actually, the brand appeals to me, except for their products.

#4 Starbucks – “The #MorningYes alarm”

Some mornings you’re just feeling tired, and you want to go back to sleep. For many people, it’s every day. Look at how brilliantly Starbucks is appealing to this group of people.

#5 McDonald’s – “Unexpected flavors”

Pay attention to how McDonald’s appeal to the hip and the cool. Who doesn’t want a burger after watching this? (unless you don’t want to be hip and cool).

#6 Milk Mustache Campaign – “Protein to start the day. Got milk?”

This commercial has it all: cute kids, bad guys, natural disasters, aliens and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Shame that it’s for promoting dairy milk…

#7 Aussie Beer, Tap King – “I love you”

Sometimes you’re not actually hungry, but you still want something. It’s like there’s something missing.

Aussie Beer is offering its solution with the sound of pouring beer into a glass and placing Lionel Ritchie in the fridge.

#8 Coca Cola – “Holidays are coming”

What feelings have you associated with Coca Cola’s infamous “Holidays are coming” commercial?

Coca Cola is probably the Master Of The Universe when it comes to marketing. They basically made me believe that Coca Cola was working for the Santa.

This commercial can trigger the Christmas spirit. You’ve been warned.

This is not about shaming the brands or people who consume their products. This was about awareness of how good food marketing can be on linking certain emotions to their product.

The next time you see food marketing, and you find it appealing, just smile.

Now you know the emotional response it triggers, and can prevent it from having power over you.  

We call it the Defense Against The Dark Arts.

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