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How to Beat Rock Bottom Every Time

In order to understand what we’re going to share with you in this blog post, let’s first go back in time. 

Our ancestors lived in a very interesting way. 

They lived on the edge of survival almost each and every day. Their days went by presenting life or death situations at every hour. They had to get food, but they didn’t have refrigerators (no UberEats either, shocking right?) to even keep it so it was a daily mission. Getting their food meant that they’re going to be around wild animals, they had to climb trees and hideout, they had to be at one with their surroundings. Frankly, survival was a serious concern. 

The wilderness can be a pretty scary place. 

What motivated them into action was their life was in threat. “I’m hungry, I have to go eat.”, “There’s a tribe coming, I have to prepare to defend myself.”, “There’s a wild animal over there, I have to do something.” So from this, a lot of humans are wired in a way to do something once it’s urgent. We’re motivated by what’s pressing upon us immediately

The challenge is that we don’t live life like that anymore. We can put money in the bank, which protects us for some days, weeks, months or years. We can store food in the fridge, and in the pantry. We have buffers in our lives, and those buffers have created laziness. We don’t mean that you’re lazy, what we mean is that sometimes we all can allow something to slide a lot further than we should let it slide, because we’re waiting for that ancient directive of save your life. 

While this is all pretty interesting, and maybe a little humorous, let us put it to you in a more serious way. Most people don’t change their life until they hit rock bottom. What does that mean for an alcoholic? The alcoholic who hits rock bottom? What is rock bottom in that world? Is it they’re in a psych ward somewhere? Is it that they’ve just been in a horrible car accident? They’ve lost their family? They’ve lost their job?

What is rock bottom? 

What is rock bottom in a marriage? What is rock bottom in a business? In a business, rock bottom is when your employees are leaving, you’re filing for bankruptcy, and rock bottom is too late. It’s too late to salvage what you’ve got. 

The point is, you don’t want to wait until you get to rock bottom

In this blog post, we’re going to talk a little bit about adjusting that rock bottom. 

In the world of alcoholism and drug addiction, there are two basic types of addiction. There’s the type that is eventually resolved by rock bottom. And there’s the type where the person can manage their habit and never hit rock bottom. The ones who hit rock bottom, some of them end up sadly, not making it. Some of them bounce off the bottom and they recover. They make it happen. Then there’s somebody else who’s managing it, they’re maintaining it, and they will just live with it. They’ll just live with it because they are able to hover above rock bottom. 

What we want to share in this blog post is encourage you to do something very different than that. From way above rock bottom, you want to look down, see the rock bottom for what it is and let it motivate you long before you get to it. 

With WILDFIT, we see this happen with so many people… 

They don’t really want to make huge changes in their life until they’re sick. Because then all of the sudden, what happens? They go to the doctor and he says, “You’re type two diabetic,” or “You’ve got cancer,” or “You’ve got heart disease,” or what have you. And in that moment, guess what they want? They want to fix it. But isn’t it too late? 

First of all, no, it’s not. It’s not too late, but it would have been a lot better to do it earlier, don’t you think? 

We don’t want you to hit rock bottom, so here’s how you can help change it: 

  1. Take an area of your life that you want to change. 
  2. For 20 seconds, envision yourself going to rock bottom, really go there. No longer than 20 seconds though. You just want to see it enough to frighten yourself. 
  3. Then come back to reality and say, “No, I will not wait for rock bottom. I already know what it is.”

Maybe you do this once a day. You just go and look at your potential rock bottom. And then you take action. 

If you try this exercise, you can turn everything around in any area of your life. Because here’s the proof… Are you going to turn it around when you hit rock bottom anyway? But you won’t have the same resources, you will have suffered incredible losses. Whereas if you can turn it around now, before that happens, everything changes. This is true of your health. It’s true of your marriage. It’s true in parenting. It is true of everything.

After you go through the exercise (remember, 20 seconds, just a quick visit) do you notice you feel a slight jump in motivation to take action and change something?

Rock bottom is ultimately designed to motivate you to take action. So take action, try this exercise, and let us know what you see, and what how it motivates you to take action.

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