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How to Combat Unproductive Tolerance

Are you one of those people who is great at checking in on other people? 

We thought so! You’re always asking one of these questions:

  • “How are you?”
  • “How can I help you?”
  • “How has your day been?”

That’s great, and you’re such a great friend to have… But let’s be real here for a minute, we want to know, really, how are you?

There are some people out there in the world who are really great at checking in on other people, yet they forget how vital it is to check in on themselves. Maybe you feel guilty about focusing on yourself rather than others. Does this sound familiar to you?

If you find yourself always being incredibly aware of those around you, but you’re not taking the time it takes to take care of yourself, then you’re going to want to read our next few blog posts. We’ll be breaking down simple strategies you can install to take better care of yourself in fun ways that you will enjoy and feel good about. 

Today our focus is on a hidden source of energy in your life…

Life is energy. We need energy to live, and we need energy to make good decisions. The more energy you have, the better capacity you have for making good decisions. Whether that means good decisions about your life, good decisions about your health, good decisions about your work, the more energy you have, the better your decisions will be. 

And this is something you might’ve picked up on in yourself before, that the more energy you have, the better person you are. Have you ever noticed when you’re low energy, it’s more likely that you might lose your temper with somebody? Or more likely that you’re not as nice or polite to somebody as you could be? It’s simple: the more energy we have, the better humans we are.

Now here’s how to unlock some hidden psychological energy in your life right now.

When you’re feeling low energy, pinpoint where you’re burning all your energy.

You want to ensure that you’re pinpointing the inefficient areas of energy burning. 

One of the places we most commonly see people waste energy inefficiently is with regards to toleration. It’s so easy to look at someone and think, “Oh wow, they’re so tolerant.”, and we think of it as a virtue they hold, right? We think of it as a good thing, a positive trait to hold. 

That’s all fine and great… Until one day when that once tolerant, kind person just snaps. It happens all the time! Just look at the news when no one can believe a wonderful human being could commit such terrible crimes. 

So what you want to ensure (so you don’t end up on the news) is that you’re looking at toleration not as some sort of virtue you embody constantly, but as something you do in the moment when you actually have no sense of control. 

Toleration is something you should engage in a moment where you have no ability to control the situation. The things inside your control, these are the things you shouldn’t be tolerating for very long. This is exactly what’s zapping energy away from you. Every single thing in your life that you feel like you’re tolerating, is exactly what is destroying your energy level. 

Here’s an example from WILDFIT Founder, Eric Edmeades, own life: 

While living in an apartment at one point in his life, Eric’s upstairs neighbors were hosting an AirBnb on and off. So often there were people on holiday in and out of that unit above him. He noticed that the chairs they had upstairs were excessively loud whenever they were scrapped across the floor, like they went and sought out the loudest possible chairs they could!

A few weeks would go by and because nobody was renting the space out, it’d be quiet… But then somebody would come in, and the scraping would start again. So what is he doing in this scenario? He’s constantly tolerating the noise.

Then all of a sudden, Eric found himself picturing himself in his head, standing on a chair with a broom stick smashing into the ceiling above. Of course he didn’t do this, but he wanted to. Why? Because his tolerance had reached that level where he was about ready to snap. Instead, he recognized that the so-called virtuous tolerance within him was actually killing him. He had to do something.

So when Eric had some friends come to visit, they rented the Airbnb upstairs. And so commenced their secret mission. They went to the hardware store and found the little fabric discs that you tack onto the bottom of table and chair legs. Noise no more!

His life was transformed. 

That may sound silly, but dealing with that constant scraping across the floor actually affected Eric’s quality of life. Now think about where there might be these small scrapes sprinkled throughout your life that you’re being tolerant of without even noticing. 

How is tolerance affecting your quality of life?

Even in your business, where are you tolerating things you really shouldn’t be? One by one, they might not seem too terrible, but create a list and see how your energy instantly depletes after reading through it. Remember, being tolerant is not a virtue. It’s not something to take pride in, it’s something you need to erase on your journey to focusing more on your wellbeing. 

So take that list of things you’re tolerating, and work your way through them so you can start to knock each of them off and see how quickly your energy will rise. 

Tolerating is something designed to help you deal with things that are out of your control, not the things inside your control. 

You might be surprised to uncover what it is you’re actually tolerating in your life. 

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