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How to Help your Kids Eat WildFit

You know that your WildFit journey is deeply beneficial and revolutionizing your health in a profound way. You also know the insidious damage being done by the food industry in advertising and marketing unhealthy foods. For you, living WildFit is an easy decision, you know it’s the right thing for your body and an incredible way to live your life.


The problem? Your kids don’t get this.


What they understand is that the foods they like to eat are fading from their diet and that they aren’t crazy about eating so many vegetables. Let’s be honest, this can be a tough transition for kids.


To help ease a bit of these frustrations, here are some tips to make living WildFit easier for the little ones (and easier for YOU too)


1) Put vegetables in a fun form
In a kid’s eyes, a bowl full of broccoli or celery looks no fun. This doesn’t help your bargaining power as a parent when you plead with them to just eat one more bite. If you make that veggie look more fun, you might have better luck. Try freezing some alkagizer into popsicle molds and bringing them out on a hot day. This makes a refreshing treat that’ll be hard for them to resist! Another fun way to disguise the veggies are to spiralize them and put them in a chip or popcorn bowl. By disguising veggies as ‘fun’ snacks your kids are used to, you’ll find your kids warming up to the idea of eating more veggies.


2) Don’t do it all at once
With kids, it’s important that they aren’t overwhelmed with a complete change in their diet right away. Since it’s harder for them to understand why the food they’re eating is changing, the process may go smoother if you introduce WildFit slowly, maybe as slow as one vegetable at a time. Change their meals slowly, serving an extra veggie or two alongside their favorite meals at first to make the process less jarring. Over time, eventually you can start eliminating elements of these meals such as carbs and sugar, and have a 100% WildFit family.


3) Be patient and persistent
Remember how difficult the WildFit transformation can be at times (see: spring). You know this lifestyle is right for your kids, but there are times when it’s going to be difficult for them. Be as understanding, patient, and don’t give up. Eventually their little bodies will feel the difference too, and they will start craving the foods that truly nourish their bodies.


Do you have any tips for getting kids to eat WildFit? Share them with us!

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