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How to Transform into a Happier Human

As we stepped outside last week, we could smell of the earth as the temperature and plant matter shifted gears, saw the subtle daily change in light through the trees and noticed how the wind blew the leaves- these were all natural signals to us that transformation is happening. The change in seasons always stirs a desire deep within us to change something about ourselves. We take time for reflection, often asking ourselves questions like:

  • What have I achieved so far this year?
  • Why have I been successful in some areas and not others?
  • What can I do differently for the future?
  • What areas of my life need more balance?
  • How can I transition to a lifestyle of balance?

This creates anxiety in some people, firm focus in others, while still more tend to daydream, wondering about all that could be in the coming season. Triggering a need to get better. To change something about our daily life and habits by going on a diet, doing a detox, or getting a makeover. It’s a part of a very ancient human tradition- of shedding and letting go of what no longer serves us at the time of the equinox.

This tradition serves us well, but what if this year was a little different? What if instead of setting transformation goals based on a number on the scale, our outward appearance, or someone else’s expectations, we instead set them based on quality of life?

One of the most powerful quotes I have heard WildFit Founder Eric Edmeades say is:

“Success, in life, is most easily measured by the number of days you are truly happy.”

So many of us still find it hard to imagine full days when we are content, relaxed, feeling great and fully enjoying ourselves- especially if our health is failing. It can seem so far from our current day to day life! What may truly bring us lasting happiness is realizing how far our lives have moved away from our natural way of life, and doing our best to realign with our human way of being.

As far as we can tell, for most of the time that modern humans have been around, we lived in large groups, and worked  hard to collect food and make shelter for our tribe. We spent most of our time outdoors close to nature, and had endless time to be creative, work with our hands, and tell stories and talk with one another in front of campfire.  Now- how closely does your current life resemble that? Electricity, plumbing, and our other modern creature comforts are all fantastic things- however we seem to be missing essentials that would create more of those happy days.

So, let’s talk about how to use this fall’s transition to transform into a happier human. If you have been following Living WildFit for a while, you now know how to build a diet that supports a healthy lifestyle. You have more energy, you are moving towards your optimal weight and your mood is generally improved- now it’s time to create a lifestyle that’s fit for your diet!

Here are our best tips for building this lifestyle to improve the quality of your life:

Spend lots of time outdoors

Modern humans, despite all our clever innovations, are suffering from breathing slightly poisonous, pathogenic air because we spend 90% of our time inside.  When we spend this much time inside fully clothed we also miss out on adequate exposure to sunlight- which is a key factor in good sleep and good mood. It’s no wonder fresh air, sunlight and good sleep make up the base of our WildFit food pyramid- they’re the foundation of good health! Our suggestion is to be mindful of the quantity of time spent inside, and transform your schedule to make fresh air a priority. Walk through a local park each morning, take meetings at outdoor venues, make your health a priority by taking a full lunch break, with time to eat outdoors and take a short walk. Schedule scenic outdoor excursions for vacations and weekends. Whether it’s a weekend of camping or a walk down a gravel trail in a national park to a bench with a nice vista, create a life that appreciates time to relax, reconnect, and enjoy nature.

Make lots of time to play

When was the last time you felt comfortable being silly with your co-workers or friends without a big bar tab? We buy into this notion that there are children and there are adults- and once we reach adulthood it’s a point of no return and time to get serious and act seriously. There have been countless books written and movies made about protagonists who finally figure out the immense joy there is on the other side of not caring what other people think. Often, we feel inspired to do the same, but our ego gets in the way. Start this transformation with your exercise and hobby routine. Learn to move your body in ways that works on your flexibility, strength and endurance all at once- the way kids do at the playground. Whether it is taking a circus, dance or water aerobics class or taking part in a Ninja Warrior style obstacle course – start moving in ways that feel fun to you.

Practice Gratitude (rather than have not mentality)

This is stated so often- and there is a reason- it works! In the WildFit Challenge, we ask you to focus on your progress, things that are going well and are making you feel good- rather than places you feel stuck. When we get mired down in the muckiness of disappointment, we can lose sight of what’s going right. By celebrating all that you have achieved and what you’ve got, can keep your energy high and empower you to keep making more and better things happen in your life. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you just don’t know the power of this one transformation. Start with a simple list of everything that you can be happy about (food, shelter and one friend or tribe like WildFit that supports you, are a great place to start). A body that carries you, a heart that keeps beating, kids that make you laugh, or a project that inspires creativity are all things to celebrate. Name 10 and if it feels good keep going! Speak this list each morning and night with a smile, feeling joy that you are self aware enough to be on this journey to wellness and continually becoming the best version of yourself.

If you focus on putting these three tips into practice we have no doubt that your quality of life will absolutely improve, and you’ll be well and on your way to greater happiness.

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